The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Josiah March 24 desperately trying to be let in the long line of cars after cutting through the Parade Ice Arena parking lot. Instead of saving time by cutting through, it actually took longer to get to the parking lot since no one would let him in.
Feared Line Tests Patience
Charlotte Opp, Creative Director • November 15, 2022

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the line to turn left onto Kenwood Parkway and all of the sudden...

Teachers Return to Pre-COVID Rigor, Still Strive For Fairness
Zoey Ueland, Managing Editor • November 13, 2022

COVID-19 changed a lot regarding school. Two years later, schools across the country have begun to revert...

Schifman’s tomatoes are seen thriving in abundance with their leafy green stems. It is important for tomatoes to be grown in the warm sun.
Food Gardens Provide Freshness
Sam Tomczik November 5, 2022

"Everything tastes better off of the vine or the stem," explains Ellie Schifman '24, which is why she,...

A backyard garden is filled with salvia (purple plants), lady’s mantle, cat mint, and eastern redbud trees. These plants thrive in the summer and spring as they’re speckled with bumblebees and butterflies.
Mackenzie Mcilmail's Flower Garden
Ali Hecker November 2, 2022

What inspired you to have a garden? So I spent most of my twenties living in really congested cities...

Layla Chakhvashvili ‘26, Claire Cao ‘26, and Shruti Balachander ‘26 research political candidates together.
Political Roundtable Club Prepares for November 8 Election
Raiden Chen, Contributing Writer • November 13, 2022

As we get further into October, the Political Roundtable Club will begin preparing for a mock midterm...

Sally Countryman ‘23 and Greta Wattson ‘23 head to the cafeteria to refuel thier herbal teas and waters during their five minute brain break in Molter’s AP Calculus AB Block 2.
Brain Breaks Benefit, Reengergize
Sam Tomczik, News Editor • November 13, 2022

“School is a really busy and chaotic place,” explains Zoe Goodwin ‘24, which is why she, along...

Cover at the movie theater showcases a plan crash on par with major events and themes of the movie.
New Movie "Don't Worry Darling" Crashes in Theaters
Mackenzie Higgins, Food Edior • November 10, 2022

From an alleged screaming match between director Olivia Wilde and starring actor Florence Pugh to accusations...

Some of Stegics different stylish scarves to wear this fall.
Can Scarves Replace Hoodies?
Eva Stegic, Columnist • November 7, 2022

As Autumn approaches, it is the perfect time to try new clothing items that you haven’t worn before,...

No Halftime for Sally Countryman
No Halftime for Sally Countryman
Allyson Jay, In-Depth Editor • November 6, 2022

The rumble of the fans from the sidelines fills the air. The blistering sun beats down on braided hair...

Pictured: Freshmen interviewed in the article.
Class of 2026 Experiences Upper School
Payton Smith and Maddie Newhouse , Contributing Writer • September 29, 2022

When the 2022 school year began, the upper school gained a brand new group of kids into the building:...

September Games Answers
September 29, 2022
The girls’ volleyball team huddles up, discussing their gameplan with one another before they carry on with the game.
Girls’ Volleyball Ending an Era
Oscar Walsh, Opinions Editor • November 13, 2022

The girl's volleyball regular season came to an end in mid-October, as six seniors took to the final...

Fall Attendance for Girls’ Sports on The Rise
Fall Attendance for Girls’ Sports on The Rise
Georgia Wilson, Contributing Writer • November 9, 2022

Fall sports are a popular time for sports, especially for girls. This year, girls at Blake have the opportunities...

Voice of the Staff
Spectrum Staff September 29, 2022

It's time to BeReal! There's a new social media app that teens and young adults are obsessed with. This...

Legacy Day: Created For Community
Legacy Day: Created For Community
Steven Cao and Tarun Gopalakrishnan September 29, 2022

With Legacy Day around the corner, its return has sparked many mixed emotions around the community.  This...

Macanda is on 294 Grove Lane East in Wayzata. Macanda’s creators also run another popular restaurant in Wayzata, Josephina.
Dining at New Restaurant Macanda is Not Worth the Dollars
Kate Rekas, Staff Writer • November 11, 2022

Macanda, a new restaurant on Lake Minnetonka that serves “an eclectic mix of global flavors in a traditional...

TikTok’s latest trend, the butter board, inspired Payton Smith ‘24 to make her own version.
Trendy Boards Create a Fun, Interactive Eating Experience
Payton Smith, Contributing Writer • November 4, 2022

Whether it’s through Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the new trending boards....

Summer allows time to visit college campuses, something that is not always possible during the school year.
Summer Allows Time to Work Ahead
Maggie Seidel, Editor Emeritus • June 1, 2022

The three months of summer vacation offer the opportunity to explore your extracurricular interests in...

Students use summer to relax, and partake in hobbies.
Relaxing After School Year Proves Vital
Max Yousha June 1, 2022

Students spend about nine months in school every year, and only about three months having a summer. That...

Doran employs a handwritten list in a planner to stay organized, commenting that she just prefer[s] that to typing.
Organization Tools Prove Vital For Managing School Work
Sonia Lerner, Staff Writer • October 26, 2022

As the school year is now in full swing, the need for organization and time management are at their highest....

Monkeypox News Disappears
Monkeypox News Disappears
Kaining Zhang, Contributing Writer • October 26, 2022

There used to be so many updates on monkeypox. Now, there is almost no news regarding the virus.  Monkeypox...


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