Stand Up Speak Out

Dharani Persaud '13, Contributing Writer

Justice League is a group of students started last year that is dedicated to social justice of all kinds, they deal with racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, ableism or any other oppression created in our community and surrounding areas. This year it’s stronger than ever.
This summer we participated in a day-long leadership training along with SIACs, Forum, Student Judiciary Board, Community Service Board, and Cornerstone.
We all worked together in the morning, and in the afternoon we separated into our own groups to work on goal-setting and to get ready for the beginning of the school year. Justice Leaguers learned about the “six steps to nonviolent social change” as well as an 8-step change model.
Now, we are working on a safe schools for all initiative, hoping to reach out to schools in the Minneapolis, Rochester, and Duluth areas.
This idea is called Stand Up, Speak Out. Its target is bullying in all schools in Minnesota.
Bullying of any kind is a common occurrence in both middle school and high school and our aim is to spread awareness and reduce its negative effect on the lives of teenagers.
Our hard work will culminate in a surprise event on October 11th.
Students will be able to sign a pledge, as well as hear anonymous stories of bullying.
Right now we are still in the planning stages, but more details will come!

You are invited to Stand Up Speak Out on October 11 at the Upper School