Blake Basketball Shoots for the Stars

Chris Hall '14 & Chris Hofstadter '14, Staff Writers

The Bears (20-3) are having a phenomenal season. The Bears set a school record on February 21 for the most wins in a single season.  As of February 23, the Bears share the first place ranking in the Tri-Metro Conference with De La Salle (16-5). The Bears are 1-1 with De La Salle this season, and this year’s victory marked the Bear’s first win in over 15 years. The Bears are ranked fifth in the state for Class 3A. The team has averaged 66 points per game, winning by an average of 20 points per game. The team’s free throw percentage of 67.4% is higher than the Orlando Magic and the L.A. Clippers NBA franchises. Not bad for a team with an average age of just under seventeen.

Kebu Johnson ‘13 leads the Bears in scoring in the 2011-2012 season with 16.9 points per game and 388 points this season. Johnson was the latest player to join the 1,000 points club after last week’s game against Breck. The forward has racked up 159 rebounds and 73 assists. Johnson combines prolific scoring (he has made 76.5% of field goals) with style, putting dunks and alleyoops in regular rotation.

John Veil ‘14 is currently ranked second in the state for assists with 161. More impressively, Veil is first in state with 107 steals, making Veil a key player on both offense and defense. Veil is second on the team with 11.9 points per game. Veil can also boast a 81.9% free throw percentage.

Although the girl’s basketball team is in the midst of a rebuilding year, they are making the most of the experience of their four returning varsity players. The girls have won seven of their last eight games, losing only to De La Salle. According to Marae Pelton-Lipson ‘12, “We started the season playing really tough teams, but we have really come together as a team and we are improving each game.”

Playing as the Bear’s starting forward, Natalie Sill ’13 has scored 219 points  as of February 20. Sill has the second highest points per game on the team at 10.4. In her third year on the team, Sill brings experience and a positive attitude to the young Bears team.

The younger of the two Waldfogel sisters, Sarah Waldfogel ’14, leads the team with 11.3 points per game. She has scored 227 points this year. Hannah Waldfogel ’12 is third for the team in scoring with 8.7 points per game and 183 points this season.