Bea’s Beloved Books – November Edition

Bea Lim, Staff Writer

What’s better than a Shakespeare? How about a mystery about a lost Shakespearian play? Cardenio, reportedly based on the Don Quixote, has been lost to the ages. That is, until now.

Meet Kate Stanley, director and Shakespearian historian and main character in Jennifer Lee Carrel’s book , Interred with Their Bones. One day, Kate reconnects with her old mentor who has enough time to hint at an incredible discovery before being murdered.

Thus begins Kate’s epic chase that will send her from London to the Wild West of America, all looking for a lost play. Everywhere Kate goes, murder follows—murders resembling those found in Shakespeare. Who knew plays could be so intense?

Interred with their Bones is a good foray into the world of Shakespeare. Behind the mystery, it’s a book about Shakespeare.

Quotes, plays, and sonnets are thrown around in every chapter, and you’ll be sure to come away with at least a few quotes memorized.

Note: Quoting Shakespeare is a great was of sounding intellectual.