Money, money, money: a guide for teens

Money, money, money: a guide for teens

How teens can get money quick!

Julia Rock and Sarah Levi, Staff Writers

The allure of making money is one that many high school students have probably felt.  Making purchases independent of your parents’ desires, and feeling that you are contributing to the salvation of the American economy is enticing. It seems too good to be true, but here are some of the best ways for teenagers to earn without unnecessary toil.

As some of you might have seen on TV, every week people are able to purchase lottery tickets with five random numbers, along with a sixth powerball number.  The six winning numbers are picked randomly, but what if you were that lucky one in a million person who just happened to pick those six lucky numbers correctly, giving you the jackpot of a lifetime?  At eighteen years old (for most of you seniors out there) you are able to buy a lottery ticket, and take your chance at the easy-earned jackpot.  Stop by your nearest lottery retailer and find that with little to no effort required on your part, you could become the next lottery millionaire!

Although the staff in the library will probably warn you to exit messages such as “you have been selected randomly to win $10,000” or “click here to receive $30,000,000 courtesy of the Prince of Liechtenstein,” these popups are actually one of the best ways to make money with minimal effort. If you submitted your information for every message that came up, you could become a millionaire without leaving your desk! Please note that not all of these popups are legitimate and refrain from entering information such as your social security number or credit card number.

Come on in and dive for the money you desire! Dive into your cushions, and discover the loose change or the hot pink scrunchy. This is the best way to find cool and useful items. You will find a miraculous amount of things that at one point, you thought you might never need. Now all that has changed since you collected $5.70 in nickels and dimes; just think where you could be a year from now!  So if you crave adventure, hot pink scrunchies, and couches, this is the best option for you to make money, as well as find many other interesting items, in an easy manner.