Seniors voice their opinions about dress code at yoga pants themed town hall meeting


Attending a forum led town hall meeting were 20 seniors who felt very strongly about the issue of dress code at the Upper School. Leading the meeting was Forum Co-Chair Clare Flanagan ’14. She started off the meeting with a strong claim that the Upper School by no means is going to ban yoga pants. Uniforms, conforming to society, and distractions of revealing clothing were all discussed by opinionated seniors. It was agreed that the current dress code is not unanimously agreed upon, so students started with the issue of yoga pants. Gender roles were also discussed, how the implication that girls are dressing more inapropriately at school than boys. “I think the way it is now is fine,” said Marisa Bernstein ’14, “the students don’t seem to be that effected by it, it’s mostly the adults in the community.” The question was raised whether yoga pants are distracting to others, and the answer “They’re sexualizing a peice of clothing that doesn’t need to be sexualized” said Nina Lillehei ’14 recieved nods from many other students.

“At what point do we draw the line of what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate?” asked Rachel Beddor ’14? This question ressonates in everyone’s minds as the meeting comes to a close.

See the November issue’s front page print story for further information written by Spectrum editor Carolyn Patterson ’14.