Everson and Hitchner take on the AJGA


John Mullan

Lilia plays golf at the Blake Girls Section meet.


The AJGA, or American Junior Golf Association is an organization that sets up golf tournaments all over the country for both boys’ and girls’ golf.

Its goal is to “grow and develop young men and women who aspire to earn golf scholarships through competitive junior golf.”

It has produced golfing giants like Tiger Woods, Morgan Pressel, and Bubba Watson. The AJGA provides opportunities for young men and women to earn college golf scholarships along with developing golfers at their highest skill level.

Blake’s very own Lilia Everson ‘15 has competed in Florida, Massachusetts, and Chicago. She has won All Conference in ninth and tenth grade, and was 2012 Conference Champion.

Everson says, “I love to play in the tournaments because you get to play with people from all over and mostly international kids.”

The AJGA has had over one hundred tournaments this year for both girls’ and boys’ golf which have players from around the nation competing.

To get into the tournaments, you have to earn your way in by performances in the national, regional, and state levels.

Everson states “You have to have a certain handicap to get in, and the better you do in every tournament the more options you have.” The lower the number of the handicap the better the golfer you are.

This policy of Performance Based Entry makes a highly competitive, yet highly fun atmosphere. Everson says how “they’re tough because I’m very competitive and that’s hard to be in golf.”

Everson isn’t the only Blake golfer to compete in these tournaments. Derek Hitchner ‘18 has recently been to Michigan and New Jersey and plans to go to more tournaments over the summer.

Hitchner states, “I absolutely love playing in these tournaments. The competition is great and each tournament is an unforgettable experience.”

Last year he took first in the Junior championship qualifier, and then went on to take fourth in the Minnesota Section Junior PGA Championship.

How does he do it? Hitchner explains, “It is essential to center all my thoughts around my current shot and not let them sidetrack to holes that I’ve played in the past or holes that I will play later in the round.”

With the golf season heating up, and Hitchner golfing a two under par, or two under the expected score, he is ready for the season. Despite Blake close loss to providence, Hitchner says how “Golf in all is a humbling sport and I truly loves to play it.”