Photojournalism: Activism in Minneapolis

Photojournalism: Activism in Minneapolis

Radek Chlebicki, Contributing Writer

The high concentration of social organizations makes Minneapolis the epicenter for a large part of the action in Minnesota. This type of social activism is inspirational because it departs from daily consumerist enjoyment to heartfelt action. It is heartening to see people out and about, chanting slogans, trying to bring about a change they desire.

One kind of activism commonly witnessed is protest. Protest happen on the bridge above these roads – presumably to get a larger audience consisting of drivers.

The first protest I saw this fall was for the rights of Palestinian who are oppressed by Israel. I talked to one of the protesters, and while I talked, a man on the Israeli side of the argument  biked past us and heard what the woman was telling me. The two of them got into a discussion trying to convince each other and me who was right. This turned into a heated argument displaying the passions that live in this issue.

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The second protest was a post Ferguson protest asking for a recognition of the importance of black lives. The protesters chanted “black lives matter.” According to a bystanding protester I talked to, her group of friends started this protests as a candlelight vigil but got too enthusiastic and blocked the road.

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Another type of activism is preaching. This usually happens on Nicollet mall where preachers can interact with the pedestrian audience.

This guy is preaching, amongst other things, that pre-marital sex and homosexuality is sin.

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This is another preaching group that is active and is reading with mikes and loudspeakers.

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