Exponentially exuberant

The math team’s new, infectious energy


Niki Anderson

Geordie Roscoe ’16, Clarissa Wallin ’18, Sarah Levitt ’17, and Deniz Ercan-Fang ’16 have helped to infuse the team with new energy and enthusiasm

Exponents. Geometer’s Sketchpad. Variables. While there are many of us who cringe at the sound of these words, the students participating on the Math Team have discovered that math has a fun side outside of the stereotypical classroom setting.

Rachel Eggert ‘19 says there are many preconceived notions about the Math Team, such as that it is all boys, or that barely anybody does it, but she rebuts these views, saying that the team “seems balanced for grades, with a nice balance among genders.”

Within the team, some have commented on a renewed sense of energy this season. Niki Anderson ‘17 agrees, saying, “Having people of all grades makes it fun to meet new people you might not in the regular school day.” He adds that “getting to work on challenging problems with peers and teachers” is one of his favorite parts of the team.

In a similar vein to Anderson, Clarissa Wallin ‘18, who is in her second year on the team,  comments that being a part of the team has been “super fun,” from “the people, to the meets, to the food, to even the bus rides.” Eggert, Anderson, and Wallin all agree that the math itself enhances the experience, since it “pushes us while also letting us work out challenges as peers,” in Anderson’s words.

Wallin enthusiastically advocates for students of all grades to think about joining the team, coached by Chris Robinson and Jonathan Osters. “It really has been a great experience,” she says. “I’ve gotten to know people I didn’t before, while learning awesome math along the way.”