Denim makes a updated return

New trends put a twist on the classic style


William Lyman

Student showcases the popular mom jeans trend

William Lyman, Staff Writer


A popular trend is making a comeback this fall. Denim has returned to the halls these past weeks as students try to mix being fashionable and warm. Among the everlasting denim fad, new twists on the classic jeans are popping up in fall’s latest trends. Flared jeans, “mom” jeans, and patched jeans are only a few of the new styles. Flared jeans became popularized during the recent months of summer, appearing on everyone from Kate Hudson to Bella Hadid. Olivia Paulek ‘19, a frequent wearer of the style, added, “wide leg pants are my go-to. They’re comfortable, efficient, and also really cute.” While bell-bottoms are certainly nothing new, the style is sure to be seen around the school as the season transitions to fall.

“Mom” and vintage style jeans have been in the community for awhile, but the trend has grown since earlier last year. It’s impossible to go a day without seeing the style appear multiple times. The loose fitting distressed wear of these jeans is a crucial part of any denim outfit, and will surely stick around.

The newest among the styles, patched jeans consisting of multicolored sections of denim, are gaining momentum. The creative coloring is an exciting take on the classic jeans, adding a pop of individuality in every patch. While it remains a growing trend, the patched style is set to dominate fall fashion in the coming months.

What is your favorite denim trend?

  • Patched/Embroidered Jeans (41%, 7 Votes)
  • Mom/Vintage Jeans (29%, 5 Votes)
  • Wide Leg Denim (24%, 4 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment below!) (6%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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