Ultimate frisbee begins season

Fast growing sport starts 2018 contests


Team members warm up before a practice. The team practices at Bryn Mawr Park, very close to the Upper School campus.

This spring, one of the more expansive programs at Blake, the ultimate frisbee team, looks to reach new heights. The team finished 7th in State last year, which was a huge accomplishment, but they have much higher goals this season. As David Bix ‘20 states, “The goals are to finish in a top-tier state position again, play competitive games against the top teams in the state, and win as many games as we can.”

This could be a difficult goal to achieve as almost a fourth of the team graduated last year. Even with such a loss the team still stands optimistic for the future as Bix continues, “This year, we are a much more youth-oriented team. Also, given our program-record breaking finish at state last year, our expectations are higher than ever, especially for future years.”

Ultimate frisbee proves to be one of the more unique sports offered from both competition and structure. First, there are no conferences or classes so Blake can play anyone. When the state tournaments come, the teams merge into groups of 16 forming the state tournament brackets. Second, the structure of ultimate incorporates many other sports. The game is seven versus seven yet teams normally have around 25 players. Therefore there is a huge amount of substitutions, which happen in game similar to hockey. The teams have to pass the disc across the field to the end zone, similar to American football.

Unfortunately, the team hasn’t been able to play any of their scheduled games with the inclement weather seen over the last couple of weeks. Three games have been canceled limiting the time span of the season for the team. The team has been forced to practice indoors which proves to be a problem as well. As Bix furthers, “Ultimate indoors and outdoors are really two entirely different things because it is much tougher to throw accurately in the wind and cold, as well as playing outside adds the aspect of diving for discs.”