Boys’ Tennis receives support from Gary the Bernese Mountain Dog

Team reflects on different ways to attract fans


Eva Berezovsky

Even on the hottest days, Joe Mairs ‘20’s Bernese Mountain Dog Gary is a staple at boys’ tennis matches.

Asya Shogren, Features Editor

As the courts opened up late for the spring this year, the Boys’ Tennis team’s season commenced with a new member–Gary.

Tennis matches often host an audience of numerous parents accompanied by dogs, yet this Bernese pup has been a particularly popular attraction for new audiences. Students stop by to see Gary and often stick around to watch the matches. While Jon Carlson ‘19 comments, “People just come to see Gary and then leave,” owner Joe Mairs ’20 rebuttals with, “Well that’s better than last year; last year no one stopped by.”

Aside from bringing in a crowd, Gary may be a lucky charm; the team’s record this year is almost perfect with one loss so far into their first AA season.

Having a smaller audience has not taken a toll on the teams’ success, however, Chris Hall ‘19 says they would like to see more students in the crowd; he says, “[attendance] helps more in bigger matches because a bigger crowd is a better atmosphere to play in.”

Regarding Gary’s affect on the matches, Hall says, “[he] adds huge motivation and a bit of incentive for fans to come. I heard he struggles with the heat but I always appreciate the spirit and willingness to come to the matches.”

Eva Berezovsky
Chris Hall ‘19 prepares to serve against Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Hall and his partner, Ravi Chepuri ‘18, will be competing in the individuals state tournament in June.

For the team, Gary is almost like their own mascot, coming to watch almost every match. Hall says, “Gary is definitely not just another dog in the crowd. Over the past few years there hasn’t been a dog like him that shows the same level of support.”

He is a special addition to the team, incomparable to their other fans due to his loyalty. Hall concludes, “My dog comes to matches here and there but I don’t think you can match my dog to Gary because Gary is Gary.”