Unlimited Opportunities in Store

Why students claim 5 Below is “Best Store Ever”


Julia Lucas and Scott Klinefelter, Contributing Writers

If you’re searching for a store that can satisfy your every need, with an unprecedented range of products at a generous price, look no further than your local 5 Below. The bright colors, friendly workers, and “hip” graphic t-shirts create a pleasant, comfortable shopping environment and the fluorescent lighting illuminates a euphoria-inducing selection of items you thought only existed in your dreams. 

As you stroll through the aisles you may gaze in wonder at products such as a can of “Mukk ‘N Cheese: a mix of slime & chunks!” featuring “real orb slime” and “smelly scents” that are “Just too gross!” If this doesn’t get your heart absolutely racing, just wait. Five Below doesn’t just offer exclusive and unique items that, in our opinion, are worth far more than five dollars, it is also filled with practical inventory. From Justin Timberlake’s memoir to multiple SAT prep workbooks, 5 Below is a place where scholars, pranksters, style icons, fun uncles and second-semester seniors can unite and interact in the purest way possible. 

5 Below isn’t just renowned for its incredible selection of items and exhilarating atmosphere. Its price point makes it a perfect option for shoppers looking for a budget-friendly way to support their shopping addiction. We know you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way the advanced technology at 5 Below remains under the 5 dollar price point!!!!” Well it doesn’t, because the incessant demand for high-tech offerings requires some compromise. Enter 10 and Below tech; a sector of the 5 Below enterprise not adhering to 5 Below’s strict 5 dollar requirement, for the purpose of promoting the type of space-age technology that retail giants such as Target and Amazon are unable to offer. 

To guide your inevitable 5 Below adventure here is an abbreviated selection of our recommendations: 

The “Nugs Not Drugs” sign can help you set clear boundaries with your friends.

The “Fill me in *with friends” journal offers a fun activity for on-the-go friendship bonding. It provides a convenient way to learn your friends’ celebrity crushes and whether they’re window or aisle seat people. 

So, next time you’re in search of a product that falls on the wide spectrum between a water bottle and a “Bursterz: surprise toy in goo,” just remember that you can always “let go and have fun” at 5 Below.