Why You Should Take a Chance With Your Hair

Isolation allows for more hair options


Kate Rekas

Materials used to alter hair can come in many forms.

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer

     As all of you reading this, quarantine due to the Covid – 19 pandemic has probably been one of the weirdest experiences in your lifetime. Though months into social distancing, this bizarre new lifestyle has become our current normal, they are still challenges and realizations that we face each day. One of the most common challenges we face on a daily is boredom. Though people all over the world have been coping with this newfound boredom differently, there is a common cure for boredom that has been sweeping the country and perhaps the world. Whether you want to call it the big chop, hair fever, or dye disasters, tons of people have been changing up their hair looks, by themselves. Whether it’s a simple cut, a dye job, bleach, bangs, or a full out shaved head, changing the appearance of hair has been a type of boredom therapy for many. But do people really just make this drastic change out of boredom? I happen to think that though many may be simply switching up their looks to quench the boredom and have some fun, there are others that have done it due to some deep self-reflection during quarantine. Changing your look is not only an appearance change, but an internal one as well. It’s a statement that says to the world, look at me differently now, it is a projection of a person’s inner change, expressing that they want this change to be seen on the outside as well. So though many of these style switches are just due to the trimming trend and as a cure for boredom, there sometimes may also be a deeper reason for these quarantine cuts. If you are considering curing your boredom with a fun change, or due to self-improvement or reflection reasons, here are my two cents. 

     If you want to go crazy with your hair, DO IT! If it turns out terribly, it’s not like you are going to be seeing anybody anyways. This is a perfect time to play around with your look, explore your style, and try something new. It’s refreshing, which is exactly what we need during this time. You could just go full out, bleach your hair, shave it off, but I do recommend testing it out first and doing a little research. There are tons of apps out there to show you how you would look with different colored hair and many ways to manipulate your current hair to emulate the look of bangs or a cut etc… There are also thousands of tutorials on youtube for anything from cutting bangs, bleaching your hair, cutting it, dyeing it, etc… 

     One night, a few weeks into quarantine, I found myself extremely bored. Never having colored or drastically changed my hair before, I found myself itching to change things up. However, not having hair dye accessible left me in a pinch. I’m the type of person who when they want something done, they want it done right then. So being the impatient, impulsive, and DIY fanatic that I am, I went to my desk. As if my entire childhood of drawing incomprehensible pictures lead me to this point, I saw them. The Crayola markers. Now if you have dark hair this probably wouldn’t work (I’m sorry), but I have brown hair and light blonde streaks throughout. With my handful of Crayola markers, I began to color my light streaks. Yes with a marker, like a child. Even though my hands were pink for many days after, I LOVED how the pink looked. I kept it on overnight because I liked it so much (wrap hair so no color gets on bed). One of my friends, also overcome with the quarantine urge for change, cut her own bangs. I honestly think they are her best hairstyle yet. So, if you find yourself with this same quarantine buzz for change that so many, including myself, have had, change your hair! Whether its to quench the boredom, fulfill a long time desire for a specific style, or to express an inner change of heart on the outside, Grab the scissors and dyes, try a test look, and get to work!