Joe Miller Drafted for NHL Team Maple Leafs

Miller shares experience, support of being drafted


Joe Miller ‘21 plays for the Chicago Steels, U.S. Junior A hockey team, as a forward. Currently, he attends school online.

Theo Liu , Sports Editor

Unfortunately for the Blake Boys’ Hockey Team, they will likely have to play this season without star player Joe Miller ’21. Miller, currently playing for the Chicago Steel, a United States Hockey League team based out of Illinois, was recently drafted into the NHL.

Miller found out he was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs during a team workout. Miller says this news sparked “everybody in the room to go crazy and congratulate me, which was really cool.”

Immediately following this news, Miller received not only a call from the General Manager but also a text from a few of the Maple Leafs’s star players, including three-time NHL All-Star Auston Matthews. Miller explained that “a few guys on the team reached out and texted me and just said congrats, which for me, growing up watching them and then having them reach out was really cool.”

The support Miller received did not stop with the Maple Leafs. Miller elucidated that “so many people I played with or was coached by when I was like nine or ten years old who I haven’t talked to in years reached out and congratulated me which was pretty crazy. Seeing how many people are like in your corner supporting you from the whole Blake community too was just great, I really appreciated it.”