Are Cumbl Cookies Worth the Hype?

Charlotte Opp and Rowan Wallin

Crumbl Cookies is a nationwide cookie company that has gotten a lot of publicity lately. Crumbl Cookies are trending on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook because of their unique presentation, store, and taste. The average person seeing these advertisements on social media would think: “Are they really that good?”

 This article intends to give you an honest perspective on these famed cookies. Please note that the flavors in this article may not be the same next time you go to Crumbl because the four featured flavors alternate every week. Charlotte Opp ‘23 and Rowan Wallin ‘23, accompanied by cookie enthusiast Hannah Pekarek ‘23, ventured to the far-off city of Maple Grove, Minnesota in order to enjoy these viral cookies. 

We were welcomed by the warmth that Maple Grove offers upon crossing town lines. Crumbl Cookies does its best to make sure that all of its customers are safe (in terms of COVID precautions). Customers were required to wear masks to enter and then used iPads to order instead of personal contact with the cashiers. This makes for a simpler experience so that the Crumbl Cookie workers can focus on preparing their products rather than taking orders from customers. We reviewed four of the cookies that Crumbl offers: Chilled Sugar, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip, Mom’s Recipe (two of the six featured flavors were out of stock). 

The best cookie was the Chilled Sugar cookie which has a thick layer of pink icing on top and is the only Crumbl Cookie that was served cold this week. Pekarek was very fond of the pink icing. The next best cookie was the Chocolate fudge cookie because of its gooey chocolate center. The classic Chocolate Chip and Mom’s Recipe cookies were tied for last due to their lack of creativity. These two cookies were bland. The Mom’s Recipe was just a Chocolate Chip cookie with some peanut butter. This is not to say that these cookies are bad, they are just meant for consumers who love a classic Chocolate Chip cookie.

Overall, Crumbl Cookies was a pleasant and tasteful experience for us. If you are interested, we highly recommend you visit one of the two Minnesota Crumbl Cookie locations (as of 2021) in either Maple Grove or Apple Valley. If you are traveling in another state, you can also find the nearest Crumbl Cookie location to you at