Class of 2022 Welcomes Bowman

Maggie Bowman will be dean for the senior class

Catherine Zhang, Contributing Writer

Next year, the Class of 2022 will be seeing Maggie Bowman as the face of their new grade dean. Bowman, who is currently a social studies teacher, is eager to take upon this role because of her enthusiasm towards working with high schoolers citing that “high school kids are my favorite group of kids to engage with.” She goes on to say that, “I like to be with high school kids, I like to support high school kids, [and] I like to provide opportunities and programs for high school kids.” She believes that the dean’s position would be “the next level of support for high school kids.” 

In addition to being a social studies teacher, Bowman is a faculty advisor to SIAC as well as a cross country coach. She believes that her faculty experience “will just aid in my ability to… be a good dean… I have the experience of being in a classroom with students a lot so I feel like I am in touch with the classroom experience.” 

After a year of alternating schedules and quarantines, her biggest goal coming back next year is “empowering the students to live into this opportunity to reestablish the Blake student culture.” She emphasizes that “what the school is really going to need…is a senior class that is providing a lot of leadership as we come through the last year that’s been.. tumultuous for a lot of reasons.” Even with the challenging year that the Class of 2022 and the greater Blake community has faced, Bowman has proven that she is ready to steer the community towards a path of hope. This year, according to Bowman, can also be seen as an “opportunity to think through… aspects of the school year that we can use as a catalyst to make a change.” 

Before she gets on to making any big plans, her very first priority is “to get to know the Class of 2022, especially people who I don’t know as well and really… learn what the class is all about.” As the Class of 2022 heads into their senior year, she wants to make sure that she sets herself up to be someone that students can easily talk to. She says to her future students, “I am thrilled to be your dean, I feel lucky to be your dean, and [I’m] really looking forward to partnering with you to make your senior year and the school culture the best that it can be.”