Popular Napping Areas Around School

Get to know where to catch the most Z’s


Rowan Wallin

The library can serve as a cozy space for a much-needed slumber.

Amelia Bush, Arts & Culture Editor

Recently, winter has been long and school has been ramping up which means more work and stress for students and less sleep. This lack of sleep normally only means one thing, sleeping in school. There are plenty of amazing places to get some quick rest or even just hang out alone and recharge. Some of my personal favorite places to hide and recharge are, the area by the fish tank in the library, the lockers in the history wing, the couches outside of the counselors offices, the cold staircase that leads to the vending machines, and the large space behind the Forum room.

A very common napping spot for students seems to be the library and as Elliot Kollar ‘25 puts it, “The library is definitely the best place to sleep, like right behind the Carlson Commons staircase. It’s a really nice spot.” Matthew Sun ‘24 also added “The library is definitely my favorite place to sleep, also the one study room behind the Carlson Commons”. Sleeping seems to be very common for students, whether it’s sleeping in class or during your free time. Kollar commented “My teachers don’t notice half the time [me sleeping] and I sleep like every other class”.

Sun however doesn’t sleep in class and instead sleeps “At least every other morning I sleep in school. While other people are arriving at school an hour later than I do I want to catch up [on sleep].” There also seems to be some commonalities between how students make sure others don’t disturb them as Kollar stated “Normally I’ll just sit here [in the Carlson Commons] and no one really bothers me. I’ll put my headphones in, I’m always listening to music.” Sun noted something similar with “Sometimes I’ll put a sleeping mask on, I’ll put my headphones on, or I’ll just put my hood on and just not make myself look available.” I have found that putting earbuds in and stepping away from people can help me recharge and focus better during the day, so whether you want to sleep or just hide, lounging in different parts of the school seems to be a large part of Blake’s culture.