Blake Bubble Hurts Diversity of Opinions

Conversations with differing voices discouraged

     Blake strives to be a pluralistic community, representative of many different perspectives. Yet, its community seems to not be able to have conversations fully inclusive of all opinions. While conversations about this lack of differing viewpoints aren’t uncommon, it’s a topic that, despite being critical of the community, the community continues to be interested in. 

      While Blake strives in many areas for diversity that mirrors the diversity of its surrounding areas, it does not contain the same ideological diversity. In this, Blake creates a bubble that separates its community from the general population. This is noticeable, as while constructive conversations about varying political topics  are encouraged, they often result in a singular perspective being echoed. Furthermore, as non-popular, but not harmful, views are shared, the community does not produce an ideologically diverse conversation. This isn’t a reflection of the students abilities to have a more nuanced discussion, rather it’s exemplary of the culture at Blake. This culture, revolving around particular political perspective being clearly seen as popular, leads to people feeling that they may not be fully accepted if they share their opinion that they know to be less popular. This further contributes to this cycle of popular and unpopular opinions, which creates an environment at Blake that to many, feels like a bubble compared to other communities. 

The problem of ideological diversity at Blake is that it has been built by the students rather than by administration

      This is not to say that Blake does not strive to create constructive conversations. After events which have highlighted opinions unpopular within Blake, administration has made efforts to hold balanced conversations with an array of varying views. Blake provides resources to be well educated on the topic discussed, yet many seem to forgo these in order to stick to their pre-existing notions. Moreover, the problem of ideological diversity at Blake has been built by the students, rather than by administration. 

      The problem lies within many people not being open minded to new or opposing perspectives, leading to, those who find that their views are contrary to the majority opinion, feeling scared to fully express their ideas. This is contrary to what Blake attempts to provide, a diverse community, open to varying educated viewpoints and people.