Forum’s Forum Updates

Plans for new Defend the Den, club, event set in motion


Amelia Bush

Forum introduced several ideas in the Feb. 10 meeting, most notably a conversation with Breck about holding a new Defend the Den event in the spring.

Amelia Bush and Cleo Kilpatrick

On Feb. 10, student body president Justin Krelitz ’23 led the Forum meeting which began with a club charter. Several ninth graders presented a new club idea: Game Development Club. They have a goal of bringing together people who are interested in coding and creating games. The ninth graders explained that any level would be accepted because they too are not experts in this field and they are all learning together. Forum voted to charter this club. 

     Next, leaders from Political Roundtable proposed a plan of partnering with SPA’s Politics Club to host a community conference open to high schoolers across the Twin Cities. Roundtable wants to fly in Olivia Seltzer from Harvard to come speak at an event in the spring. Treasurer Sam Hardy ’24 stated that $650 remains in the forum budget for the rest of the year, so while the club leaders have not figured out the logistics, Forum faculty representative Ben Cady suggested to come back to their next meeting on Feb. 16 and present a more concrete plan for this event. 

Next, Hardy and Zellie Olson ’25 reported on their recent meeting with Breckís Forum on this yearís Defend the Den, a rivalry event with food and games that was first held last year during a Blake/Breck baseball game. During the meeting, they started planning logistics, created a group chat for easy communication, and started brainstorming ideas to boost engagement amongst both schools. 

     They are still figuring out dates for this event;  Tia Gnanapragasam ’25 asked if this event will interfere with other sports games happening on this day, but Nick Rathmann is the point person for scheduling. Forum is still waiting to hear back from Rathmann about the date for this event.

     Sarah Warren brought up that the Parent Association (PA) wants to do the design contest for the Homecoming sweatshirts again for next year. Warren said they need another Forum member for this committee along with Krelitz. Uma Bhardwaj ’24 volunteered to be on the committee, as she was on it last year. This committee is meeting Feb. 23 with the PA to go over details. Lastly, juniors addressed the Feb. 8 town hall meeting which included heated opinions about the idea of creating a Humanities Lab.