The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Travel Through Chloe Liphams Style

Travel Through Chloe Lipham’s Style

Sonia Lerner, Staff Writer December 7, 2022

Besides traveling, Chloe Lipham ‘23 also takes great interest in fashion. Her travels have allowed her to “gain inspiration from styles from all over the world.” Lipham looks at styles that’s trending...

No Halftime for Sally Countryman

No Halftime for Sally Countryman

Allyson Jay, In-Depth Editor November 6, 2022

The rumble of the fans from the sidelines fills the air. The blistering sun beats down on braided hair and sweaty jerseys. Cleats sprint over grass, sticks collide, and a single yellow ball hits the ground....

The red antique car has been taken apart for parts to use on the new car.

Seniors Construct Kit Car

Sofia Perlman, Sci-Tech Editor September 29, 2022

Last spring, Charlie Weyerhaeuser ‘23, Gunnar Johnson ‘23, and Harrison Oxford ‘23 decided to take on a colossal project: building a car. Using a kit containing the frame for the car, and some parts...

The band practices after their concert

Current Band Curriculum

Rowan Wallin, Managing Editor June 1, 2022

For the last three weeks of school, the band has been rehearsing an ensemble of songs which they will perform at commencement on Jun. 9 in the Blake Ice Arena. Josh Smith ‘23, a trumpeter, states, “We...

Eva Stegic 23 works on her portrait

Current Painting Projects

Sofia Perlman, Sci-Tech & Perspectives Editor June 1, 2022

In Block 3 painting with Bill Colburn, students were tasked with creating a painting inspired by the human condition. Prior to this, they had done two smaller assignments painting hands and zoomed in parts...

The classic and iconic necklace that is a common accessory among Gen-Z.

Vivienne Westwood: Face Behind Trendy, Iconic Pearl, Gold Necklace

Eva Stegic, Columnist June 1, 2022

     Vivienne Westwood, known to Gen Z as the woman who created the viral micro trend pearl necklaces, was a fashion designer ranging from the early 70s to the present, with her influence spanning over...

This Target edition record of “folklore” plays “august” by Taylor Swift.

Best Summer Songs

Sofia Perlman, Sci-Tech & Perspectives Editor June 1, 2022

Let The Sun In by Wallows -  Nothing captures the happy and carefree energy of summer more than “Let The Sun In” by Wallows. The song immediately brings me to a hot day in the middle of summer....

This accessory is cheap, but still good quality

Humble Watches Tell Same Time as Flashy Watches

Eva Stegic, Columnist June 1, 2022

      Watches have always been a staple piece in a wardrobe, but over the years they have changed with popularity. The invention of digital watches and watches with screens (i.e. an Apple Watch) have...

Banned Books, Readers Health

Banned Books, Readers Health

Uma Bhardwaj, Columnist June 1, 2022

     Schools and libraries have a long, complex history of challenging books. According to Banned Books, most books are challenged by schools because they contain LGBT content, sex, violence,...

The New School Musical “The Theory of Relativity”

Shireen Dalton, Contributing Writer February 3, 2022

    Rehearsals for the spring musical, The Theory of Relativity, are just getting started, and the cast and crew are looking forward to a return to the on stage musical after having to do a musical...

“Don’t Look Up” Movie Review

Sofia Perlman, Perspectives Editor February 3, 2022

         The recent Netflix movie Don’t Look Up forces its viewers to examine our society and future consequences of our current lifestyle. Despite the movie's mixed reviews with many either...

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