The Spectrum

What motivates the community

March 10, 2016

     Spectrum sent out a survey asking the following questions: “Which tactics do you think activate people to volunteer time? Which strategies activate them to donate money?” Read some of the...

International empathy, sympathy, and apathy

International empathy, sympathy, and apathy

Exploring how mindsets around international issues and service effect action and giving.
March 10, 2016


Fatiya Kedir, Opinions Editor March 10, 2016

Maxine Whitely   SYMPATHY      Sympathy seems to be a different portion of allyship as it is rooted in basic awareness and concern. “Sympathy is when you show concern for somebody else,...

Shifting from psychic numbing

Fighting against a psychological phenomenon that affects perceptions of international crises.
Eva Berezovsky and Deniz Ercan-Fang March 10, 2016

We’re constantly busy internalizing various numbers: dates for history class, statistics for math, and equations for science. The unalarming and factual digits that we learn become engraved in our brains...

Bake sale profits lead in fundraising efforts

Why bake sales tend to be more successful than other money raising campaigns.
John Miller, Business Manager March 10, 2016

  Bake sales dominate Blake community service fundraising. According to Lisa Sackreiter, Service Learning Coordinator, bake sales are responsible for $2,625 of the total $3,525 raised for service,...

Students engage outside of core sex education curriculums

Sam Gittleman, Editor Emeritus February 4, 2016

Students often contend that they operate within a bubble, a boundary shielding them from exposure to the outside world. Recognizing this, many groups of students have gathered within the community to do...

Tipping the scales

Tipping the scales

Sexual health, reproductive rights, and the laws and lobbies that govern them.
February 4, 2016

Bonus Linus

February 4, 2016

37 questions with Linus Bendel-Stenzel

Will Kaback, Editor Emeritus February 4, 2016

The early December sky is a despondent gray, but by the way Linus Bendel-Stenzel ‘18 is acting, you would think it was sunny July afternoon. Bubbling with a calm excitement at eight in the morning, Linus...

37 questions with the Korslund twins

Maxine Whitely, InDepth Editor February 4, 2016

Two blonde ponytails swing in unison as four pale arms shoot into the air. A formidable spike sets the red and blue ball reeling over the net. The girls across the court can’t return the pass.   ...

Picture of the day: What's the point of plants that aren't even alive?

Picture of the day: What’s the point of plants that aren’t even alive?

English wing fosters discussion so deep that it kills plant
January 12, 2016

The Blake Blueprint

The Blake Blueprint

Understanding and uncovering the diversity camera
Deniz Ercan-Fang, Online Editor December 3, 2015

The smiling faces of students pop from the pages of our school’s royal blue handbook. From a lower school student playing tic-tac-toe to a high schooler graphing functions on a Smart Board, the booklet...

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