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The pieces showcased in the gallery are created by students from kindergarten through twelfth grade and even by some faculty members.

New exhibit in the Bennett Gallery entitled “Water: Blake and Beyond”

November 29, 2017

The new exhibit in the Bennett Gallery entitled "Water: Blake and Beyond" will be on display until December 2nd when the pieces will be sold. All proceeds will go towards building a sustainable water filtration...

Hydrate or die-drate

Hydrate or die-drate

On the importance of H2O
Elizabeth Opp, Opinions Editor February 9, 2017

The warnings are endless: your grades will go down if you stop drinking water, dehydration putting your vigilance and motor skills at odds. Regardless, Blake students largely disregard drinking throughout...

The large hole right by the main entrance to the school was the product of the main water line breaking and needing to be replaced along with the original, planned maintenance of the sewer line.

Setting the Record Straight

Pipeline bursts, chaos ensues
The hole dug by construction workers on Tuesday for water main repares flooded with water from the domestic pipeline.
Wakeboarding is one of the many thrilling components of water sports, as demonstrated here by Gavin Siegert ‘16.


A beginner’s guide to water sports
Gavin Siegert, Staff Writer April 30, 2015

People have many names for it—glass, butter, placid—but everyone is seeing the same thing, perfectly flat water—something that us water sports enthusiasts kill for. Flat water allows for perfect...

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