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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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Left: Agrawal, bottom right corner, learns from Dan Wolgamott (DFL 14B) in the High School Page program at the Capitol, which she described as “an experience like no other.” Right: Organized by Cheryl Youakim (DFL 46B), Zacks and two other students, Stella McHugh and Belle Lapos from Stillwater’s student newspaper Pony Express, testified in support of the New Voices Bill.
Government in Action
Evan Vezmar, Editor Emeriti • May 2, 2024

Students visited the Minnesota State Capitol in February for many different causes, and they promoted...

Model UN ventures to the capitol building to get an inside look at where senators debate.
Model UN Takes On D.C.
Evan Vezmar, Editor Emeitus • March 14, 2024

A visit to the country’s capitol over Presidents Day Weekend. The trip seems distinctly American, but...

The Alexander sisters have been playing together since they were kids.
Sisters Strung Together
Shucayb Harir and Hana Sowelam May 4, 2024

From their dedicated practices with the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS) to their globetrotting...

Kate Rekas ‘23, Lily Anderson ‘23, Allyson Jay ‘23, Sam Broz ‘23, Seidel, and Martha Hughes ‘24 watch the sunset during their trip to Catalina Island last spring.
Enduring Landscapes
Gabriella Marmet, Managing Editor • February 29, 2024

“Environmental Studies, Public Policy, Political Science are a lot of my interests. It kind of started...

Payton Smith 24 organizes her bookshelf by color.
Students Invite Bookshelf Viewing
Chloe Kern, Staff Writer • May 16, 2024

Books–they can be an informative window on an interesting topic, an escape from reality, or a reflection...

Wyatt poses in her regalia before performing.
Wyatt Dances Fancy Shawl
Gabriella Marmet, Managing Editor • May 10, 2024

“You bounce to the beat of the drum and then move your arms which have a shawl around them, and it’s...

Meet the Staff
Camila Pardo
Camila Pardo
News Editor

Hi! My name is Camila, and I am a freshman this year. This is my first semester being an editor and I am looking forward to editing news and diving deeper into different writing styles! When I’m not...

Sofia Perlman
Sofia Perlman
Editor Emerita

My name is Sofia and I am a senior this year! I have been a writer and editor for Spectrum since my freshman year, and I previously served on the Spectrum Staff Team as Copy Editor and Student Spotlight...

Charlee Jones
Charlee Jones
Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Charlee and I'm a sophomore. This is my first year as a staff writer for Spectrum and it has been incredible! Outside of school, I participate in theater, synchronized swimming, choir, and...

Nick Russeth 27, Tyler Vandersall ‘24, Michael Hackett ‘24, and JT Sugalski ‘24 gather in a team timeout.
Baseball Pitches Wins
Rayan Nasir, Contributing Writer • May 3, 2024

The 2023-2024 baseball season is underway. Last year, the team made it far in sections but did not make...

Back: (from left to right) Geneva Schneider ‘25, Kaining Zhang ‘26, Sacha Newberry ‘29, Pihlstrom, Sam Tomzic ‘25, Claire Cao ‘26, Mittra, Caitlin Strauss ‘27 Front: Elizabeth MacNeill ‘27, Eloise Moratzka ‘29, Lucy Zhang ‘29, Sinclair Christie ‘26, Madeleine DesJardin ‘28, Isabelle Walker ‘28, Ashley Stricker 25 and Kelly Smith ‘98 pose wearing cowboy hats, a
nod to the “Giddy Up” theme.
Students Skate to Shania Twain
Gabriella Marmet, Managing Editor • March 14, 2024

“My favorite part about figure skating is expressing myself artistically, because a lot of the other...

Left on Read
Left on Read
Mackenzie Higgins, Editor Emerita • May 14, 2024

One of my many spring break reads was Joan Didion’s 1968 essay, “On Being Unchosen by the College...

Staff Editorial
Staff Editorial
The Spectrum Staff May 10, 2024

We come from a wide variety of cultures and religious backgrounds, yet students often find that there...

110 Upper School students participated in this survey.
Perspectives on College Touring
Rate Your Upper School Elective
March 25, 2024

Chipotle Bowl Featuring Rice, Chicken, Salsa, Beans, Cheese and Guac
Chipotle Offers Fresh Spice
Camila Pardo, News Editor • May 7, 2024

Citrusy rice, crunchy tortilla chips, fresh pico de gallo, rich guac, creamy queso. These are just a...

Located by the middle school, this Chick-Fil-A is an easy after sports practice stop.
Rotenberg Reviews
Jason Rotenberg, Editor Emeritus • February 20, 2024

What would you do without food? That’s a great question. Food is an essential part of life, and without...

Left: During Block 3, Orla Judelena ‘25 does her homework at the table behind the library book shelves. Right: Lauren Mohan ‘25 and Anna Tao ‘25 chat with each other in the Junior Lounge during lunch.
In Depth Review on Personalities
The Power of Sleep
The Power of Sleep
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