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Online News Platforms Fail to Fulfill Their Advertised Mission Statements

Chad Woerner, Staff Writer | November 4, 2020

Twitter's main purposes, according to their website, are to "give everyone the power to create and share ideas" and "not detract from a free and global conversation." Instagram's mission statement claims "to capture and share the world's moments." But are the ideas on Twitter really coming from everyone? And how can a conversation truly be free and global if it has bias towards one direction of the...

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Preconceived Biases Influence Readership

Keaton Rannow, Contributing Writer | November 4, 2020

Since social media's rise in the early 2000s, its most powerful tool has been the ability to disseminate information widely and rapidly. Current events that would've taken days, even weeks to reach our ears now take hours, even minutes via photos, videos, and texts. Such interconnectivity is certainly beneficial by allowing greater knowledge of current events and better access to critical information,...

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