The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Students of the swim school pose in the water. Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes at Blakes Hopkins campus.
Swimming Strikes Unique Community Service
Ainsley Pflaum, Staff Writer • June 14, 2022

Blake’s adult swimming lessons program started this spring with the mission of teaching all families,...

Thompson sings “Lift Every Voice and Sing” which is commonly known as the Black national anthem. To Thompson’s right is the American flag, which is rarely on stage during assembly. Students were instructed to stand and direct their attention to the front, as if they were listening to the “Star Spangled Banner.” Students and faculty were filmed for a national project.
National "Identity & Belonging" Project Fails in JNA
Rowan Wallin, Managing Editor • June 1, 2022

On May 12, students arrived at assembly in the Juliet Nelson Auditorium (JNA) wondering why Lora McManus-Graham,...

The exterior of Blake’s Highcroft Campus in Wayzata includes large glass windows and various geometric shapes. The campus is surrounded by greenery including trees, large playgrounds, and wooded areas. Outside of the pre-kindergarten classrooms in the spring, there are large sunflowers that grow, adding to the beauty of the campus.
The Lower School: A Journey Back
Editors Review Nostalgic Childhood Books
Editors Review Nostalgic Childhood Books
Spectrum Editors April 29, 2022

Security guard Rio Hansen as well as Head of Security Gene Paulauskas have bikes that they frequently ride to school
Motorcycles Inspire Debate: Safety, Pros, Cons
Erik Norberg, Calvin Bredesen, Contributing Writers • June 1, 2022

Recently, some students have begun to ride their motorcycles to school, upending the former ideas surrounding...

Summer Jobs Excite
Rossalyn Moore, Contributing Writer • June 1, 2022

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, the summer is filled with camps, travel, and for some,...

The band practices after their concert
Current Band Curriculum
Rowan Wallin, Managing Editor • June 1, 2022

For the last three weeks of school, the band has been rehearsing an ensemble of songs which they will...

Eva Stegic 23 works on her portrait
Current Painting Projects
Sofia Perlman, Sci-Tech & Perspectives Editor • June 1, 2022

In Block 3 painting with Bill Colburn, students were tasked with creating a painting inspired by the...

Menge works behind his desk outside the senior lounge. His office is decorated with gifts of gratitude from former students. During his time at Blake he has also been a biology teacher, soccer coach, interim Upper School Director and a grade dean as well as an advisor to a current junior advisory.
Paul Menge Tells Tale of Teaching, Retirement
Kaylee Chen, Staff Writer • June 1, 2022
“[Mr. Menge] has been one of the kindest teachers at the school... he’s guided me through my school career. If I have any questions he’s always there.”
Nicholson serves students and teachers everyday, typically at the counter near the sandwich station. Here, she serves and talks with Precious Jones ‘22 during first lunch.
Get to Know Isabelle!
Allyson Jay June 1, 2022

If you've been in the lunchroom, you have probably seen Isabelle Nicholson. The kind, bubbly server that...

March Games Answers!
March 10, 2022
Sam Hardy 24 on defense guarding an Orono player. Bears won 4-8 against Orono.
Despite Loss Tight Team Bond
Charlotte Opp, Food Editor • June 1, 2022

This season the Boys Lacrosse Team has been a tough competitor against many teams and was undefeated...

Graham Heathcote 22 jumping in the air, warming up for game vs. Wayzata. Boys varsity team won against Wayzata. This was a monumental win for boys varsity Ultimate team.
Ultimate Team Keeps Growing
Evan Vezmar, Opinions Editor • June 1, 2022

The sport of Ultimate Frisbee has gained in popularity at Blake over several years and has led to the...

Immunocompromised Remain at Risk
Samantha Singh, Contributing Writer • June 1, 2022

     Officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) have recently encouraged continuous masking...

Imbalance in Sports Media Unfairly Promotes Football
Yoni Zacks, Staff Writer • June 1, 2022

      How many of you know who Connor McDavid is? How many of you know who Tom Brady is? Probably...

Simple Bases with Personalized Toppings Offer Best Breakfast Before Big Day
Simple Bases with Personalized Toppings Offer Best Breakfast Before Big Day
Charlotte Palmby and Sophia Peterson , Contributing Writers • June 1, 2022

Everyone has their specific foods they like and dislike. Some people like salty things, some like sweet....

The frothy top of the drink is its signature feature which happens from the high pouring angle technique.
Relaxing Malaysian Winter Drink
Daria Haner, Contributing Writer • February 3, 2022

You have just arrived home after a long day at school and extracurriculars, dreading your upcoming evening...

Summer allows time to visit college campuses, something that is not always possible during the school year.
Summer Allows Time to Work Ahead
Maggie Seidel, Editor Emeritus • June 1, 2022

The three months of summer vacation offer the opportunity to explore your extracurricular interests in...

Students use summer to relax, and partake in hobbies.
Relaxing After School Year Proves Vital
Max Yousha June 1, 2022

Students spend about nine months in school every year, and only about three months having a summer. That...

One student responded that the change of seasons bring[s] back motivation to complete my school work and self care regiments! I also notice my room is a lot cleaner and there are less empty water glasses.
Weather Improves, Moods Change
Amelia Bush, Arts & Culture Editor • June 1, 2022

According to the Mayo Clinic, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a form of depression that directly...

Spreading Microplastics Pollute Earth, Human Bodies
Spreading Microplastics Pollute Earth, Human Bodies
Mackenzie Higgins, Staff Writer • June 1, 2022

What is it? For the first time ever, researchers have found microplastics in human bloodstreams. Microplastics...


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