The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The Forum's Forum: Puppies, New Class, Advisory, FLEX
Amelia Bush, Managing Editor • December 20, 2022

     Nov. 11 2022, Student body president Justin Krelitz '23 led a Forum meeting that began with the...

Jalen Wilson ‘23 delivers his senior speech during assembly on November 17. Along with the other seniors, Wilson receives feedback about his speech from teachers and advisors.
Speech Censorship Leaves Seniors Stifled, Edited at the Podium
Mackenzie Higgins, Food Editor • December 16, 2022

     “Word for word, there was nothing from my first draft that made it into my final speech,”...

The front page of “The Blake Torch” issue published in 1970 includes descriptions of the “Glee Club” and its Music-Art festival, new faculty, and a new photography course that was introduced that year. This page of “The Torch” evidently illustrates the changes of Blake culture.
Newspapers Reflect Evolution, Progress
Sam Tomczik December 12, 2022

As Blake and the world around us have continued to evolve, so have its newspapers. These changes in our...

A page of “The Torch” issue published in 1972 depicts an old tradition of homecoming, revealing their Homecoming queen, the three attendants and their escorts from Blake with a small blurb next to their picture.
Previous Newspapers Expose, Exhibit Similar Core Issues to Today's
Amelia Bush December 9, 2022

If you've ever told someone that you go to Blake, you've probably heard a response somewhere along the...

Layla Chakhvashvili ‘26, Claire Cao ‘26, and Shruti Balachander ‘26 research political candidates together.
Political Roundtable Club Prepares for November 8 Election
Raiden Chen, Contributing Writer • November 13, 2022

As we get further into October, the Political Roundtable Club will begin preparing for a mock midterm...

Sally Countryman ‘23 and Greta Wattson ‘23 head to the cafeteria to refuel thier herbal teas and waters during their five minute brain break in Molter’s AP Calculus AB Block 2.
Brain Breaks Benefit, Reengergize
Sam Tomczik, News Editor • November 13, 2022

“School is a really busy and chaotic place,” explains Zoe Goodwin ‘24, which is why she, along...

Cover at the movie theater showcases a plan crash on par with major events and themes of the movie.
New Movie "Don't Worry Darling" Crashes in Theaters
Mackenzie Higgins, Food Editor • November 10, 2022

From an alleged screaming match between director Olivia Wilde and starring actor Florence Pugh to accusations...

Some of Stegics different stylish scarves to wear this fall.
Can Scarves Replace Hoodies?
Eva Stegic, Columnist • November 7, 2022

As Autumn approaches, it is the perfect time to try new clothing items that you haven’t worn before,...

Travel Through Chloe Liphams Style
Travel Through Chloe Lipham's Style
Sonia Lerner, Staff Writer • December 7, 2022

Besides traveling, Chloe Lipham ‘23 also takes great interest in fashion. Her travels have allowed...

Higuchi’s piece of advice for future athletes going through the commitment process, “Just taking the time to get to know yourself and what you are looking for in a college experience and taking that into account when making your decision.”
Students Reflect on Commitment Process
Yoni Zacks , Sports Editor • December 3, 2022

TROUNG: VMI SWIMMING  “It was super scary, I’m not gonna lie. I was nervous. But the coach, he...

September Games Answers
September 29, 2022
Mystery Athlete Reveal
Mystery Athlete Reveal
December 16, 2022

This month's mystery athlete is Grayson Okoronkwo '24! Congrats on 1000 points!

Henry Webb ‘25, a freshman at the time, had the need for speed while racing at an intense swim meet, striving for victory.
Bearstangs Bring High Hopes
Max Yousha, Staff Writer • December 8, 2022

After an amazing season last year, the Bearstangs have a lot to live up to this season. The team ranked...

Voice of the Staff
Spectrum Staff September 29, 2022

It's time to BeReal! There's a new social media app that teens and young adults are obsessed with. This...

Legacy Day: Created For Community
Legacy Day: Created For Community
Steven Cao and Tarun Gopalakrishnan September 29, 2022

With Legacy Day around the corner, its return has sparked many mixed emotions around the community.  This...

Hovard’s creations decorate the table at the bridal shower.
Young Chef Cooks Up Big Plans for Future in Food
Cleo Kilpatrick December 10, 2022

Some students play sports or music as an escape from the stress of school work, but Hovard cooks. He...

Faced with an iPad, Jason Rotenberg ‘24 is forced to decide
whether he thinks the scoopers at Sebastian Joe’s deserve a tip.
To Tip, or Not To Tip, That is the Pressing Question
Jason Rotenberg, Sports Editor • December 9, 2022
Picture this: you are at your favorite smoothie shop and the barista asks you to answer “a couple of questions” while you are paying. We’ve all been there in this awkward situation, whether it is at a smoothie shop or somewhere else. You buy your food item and then are presented with the “opportunity” to tip the worker for doing virtually nothing. Should you really tip the workers at these shops?
Summer allows time to visit college campuses, something that is not always possible during the school year.
Summer Allows Time to Work Ahead
Maggie Seidel, Editor Emeritus • June 1, 2022

The three months of summer vacation offer the opportunity to explore your extracurricular interests in...

Students use summer to relax, and partake in hobbies.
Relaxing After School Year Proves Vital
Max Yousha June 1, 2022

Students spend about nine months in school every year, and only about three months having a summer. That...

Climate Change Affects Autumn
Climate Change Affects Autumn
Ahan Devgun, Staff Writer • December 2, 2022

From the seasonal drinks to the colorful leaves that explode in shades of orange and red, autumn has...

Out of 170 students surveyed, the majority responded that they use Spotify. One anonymous student explained that, “There is every song choice and I can make as many playlists as I want. Also all my friends use Spotify so I can see what they’re listening to.”
Music Streaming Modes Conflict
Gabi Marmet, Arts & Culture Editor • December 2, 2022

Do you prefer Spotify or Apple Music? There is an ongoing debate as to whether Apple Music or Spotify...


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