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Stock Market Begins to Recover After Record Lows

Stock market tracker apps are used by many to monitor their stocks easily and efficiently.
After taking a toll due to the pandemic, the stock market is on the rise
November 6, 2020

In light of President Trump recently contracting the COVID-19 virus, many concerns and questions have been raised on whether or not the stock market would significantly rise or fall as an important actor...

iOS 14 Update for iPhones

Lillygreen uses a muted colors aesthetic to customize her home screen with the help of the iOS update.
What's new?
November 6, 2020

Apple has recently released a new and major iOS update, iOS 14. This current update allows everyone to customize and redesign their home screen for the first time, along with many other additional features....

Teachers Adapt Teaching Styles to Accommodate for Remote Learners

Anna Reid’s set up in her classroom consists of three devices: her computer, her phone, and a monitor that all display different parts of the Zoom.
Many found that using more technology helps students to stay engaged
October 1, 2020

Technology has played a new role in the classroom this year by integrating remote learners with those who are learning in-person, which has caused teachers to learn to adapt and grow their teaching styles...

California Wildfires Cause Billion Dollar Damage, Electrical Shortages

Many saw the red sun that appeared in the sky a few weeks ago, as a result of the California wildfires.
More problems arise that the State isn't ready for due to raging fires
October 1, 2020

As the wildfires emblaze northern regions of California, firefighters continue to struggle to establish containment of the rapidly spreading fires in the past few weeks. It is estimated that almost 1.1...

New Game: Line Bouncer!

Line Bouncer! is currently free on the Apple Store with a rating of five stars.
Tyler May creates game, receives rave reviews
December 9, 2019

Tyler May ‘21 released the game Line Bouncer! on October 29 after months of work and problem-solving. May describes the game as “really simple” and a great “time killer.” The game now has 75...

Ad Astra Defies its Genre

Ad Astra Defies its Genre
Science fiction movie contains little science
October 15, 2019

Ad Astra, directed by James Gray and starring Brad Pitt, is a science fiction film that lacks science. It flies all the way to Neptune and back, but it seemed to me that Outer Space was only a tiny piece...

Drone Cons Outweighs Pros

Drone Cons Outweighs Pros
Government drone usage leads to unethical effects
October 11, 2019

World War One produced technology that has increased international tensions over 100 years later. In WWI, the United States began developing technology that allowed them to operate crewless aerial vehicles....

Getting Creative in the Lunchroom

A great example of a healthy lunch at Blake, which includes
tofu and spinach!
Secrets to eating healthy for lunch at school
October 9, 2019

Ask a Blake student to tell a joke about Blake, and most students will make fun of the lunches they eat every day in the Blake Café. While occasionally funny, jokes claiming that Blake does not have enough...

Cafeteria Should try Meatless Days

On Wednesday, May 8 the vegetarian option was a veggie pita sandwich.
"Meatless Mondays" could benefit school, environment
May 13, 2019

Recently, many Senior Speeches have highlighted the positive effects of going vegetarian, or even “vegetarian-ish”. From the many health benefits that come with starting a plant-based diet, the negative...

J Jolton Works To Publish Economic Management Video Game

Universal Space Station Inc. is expected to be published later this year.
Alum in process of creating post-apocalyptic video game
April 22, 2019

Deep in the library, across from the Dan Danielson study room, is where J Jolton, a Blake teacher and alumnus, teaches Game Development and Animation Mr. Jolton has a beard that inspires both wonder and...

How to get rid of the Winter Blues

How to get rid of the Winter Blues
Do these three things to feel like your summer self
February 27, 2019

  As the long, Minnesota winter drags on, many are falling into a cycle of continuous tiredness and sadness due to the brutal weather outside. From the sun rarely shining and windshields dropping to -20...

Protein Shakes Provide Quick Nutrition

Some of the most popular shaker brands include Blender Bottle, Contigo, and SmartShake. The top brands for powder include Optimum Nutrition, EAS, and Vega Sport
While stigmatized as hardcore athletes' drinks, protein shakes can be for everyone
February 1, 2019

 Protein powder: a meathead staple, a useless scam, or a healthy and convenient option? The mention of protein powder evokes the image of a roided-up and overly muscular man aggressively shaking a blender...

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