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New Clubs Creatively Gain Student Engagement During RTLP

New Clubs Creatively Gain Student Engagement During RTLP
December 16, 2020

Although new clubs are facing unique obstacles in gaining student engagement during remote learning, students have persevered and built successful student organizations this school year. Chess club...

Changes with RTLP 2.0

Changes with RTLP 2.0
Committee created RTLP 2.0 based on previous surveys, focusing on balancing workload, Zoom fatigue, frequent class meetings
December 7, 2020

The revised Remote Teaching and Learning Plan (RTLP 2.0), which started on Monday, Nov. 30, has been developing since May and is designed to allow more frequent class meetings within a shorter school day.  While...

Students Support Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Wuollet Bakery is one of the many local businesses Emily Anderson ‘22 shops at in her community as a way to show support and gratitude during these challenging times.
Organizations assist to prevent closures
December 7, 2020

Small businesses are struggling during the pandemic, but Blake students supporting these local gems offer insight into how community members can help. Taara Verma '24, an intern for Coimatan, describes...

Study Abroad Experience Delayed due to Global Pandemic

Overall, Ricketts enjoyed his time in Minnesota and had a positive experience during the first semester.
Ricketts reflects on time spent in Minnesota
December 7, 2020

After planning on coming to America over a year ago through an abroad program, Bruno Ricketts '23 was unable due to COVID-19 causing abroad programs to cancel. Fortunately, he was able to come here through...

Nation’s First Permanent Memorial Honors Victims of Sexual Assault

Lori Greene’s Mosaics, permanently located at Boom Island Park, honor victims and survivors of sexual assault.
Mosaics bring healing to those victimized
December 7, 2020

An idea first pitched in 2015 has become a reality in Boom Island Park: the first memorial for survivors of sexual related violence. On Oct. 10 2020, a virtual opening ceremony for the memorial was dedicated...

New Research-Based Class, SPARC, Differs From Other Social Studies

SPARC is not only a Blake class, but a new program in many schools across the U.S.
SPARC gives students opportunities to create change in the community
December 7, 2020

This semester, a new research-oriented social studies class was offered for the first time, called "Seminar in Social Science: Design Thinking for School Culture." The course works through a partnership...

Exit Polling after Mock Elections Provide Insight into Students’ Political Views

Henry Wattson '21 casts his ballot during advisory.
Anonymous interviews allow students to share their ideologies
November 3, 2020

“I voted for Biden. For me, I was mostly evaluating the presidential candidates’ positions regarding climate change and also racial justice but mostly climate change because it’s… going to impact...

2020 Mock Election Results

Kelly Dayton '22 fills out a sample ballot before the mock election.
November 3, 2020

President - 407 total votes Biden - 324 (79.6%) Trump - 36 (8.8%) Kanye - 35 (8.6%) Jorgensen - 5 (1.2%) De la Fuente - 3 (.7%) La Riva - 2 (.5%) Hawking - 2 (.5%)   Senate...

Joe Miller Drafted for NHL Team Maple Leafs

Joe Miller ‘21 plays for the Chicago Steels, U.S. Junior A hockey team, as a forward. Currently, he attends school online.
Miller shares experience, support of being drafted
November 3, 2020

Unfortunately for the Blake Boys' Hockey Team, they will likely have to play this season without star player Joe Miller '21. Miller, currently playing for the Chicago Steel, a United States Hockey League...

Students Perform Interactive Fall Play on Zoom

Shown above is the entire crew of the upcoming play, including Taous Khazem, Audrey Ronan ‘21, Riley Carroll ‘24, Truman Morsman ‘23, Nora Cornell ‘21, Aarathi Dhavileswarapu ‘24, Declan O’Connell ‘23, Sarah Costa ‘23, Joshua Smith ‘23, Taggert Smith ‘21, John Erlandson '21, Oskar Alexander ‘23, and Amanda Ward ‘21.
Director, cast explore new ideas for theater department amidst pandemic
November 3, 2020

We’ve heard about live streaming concerts, but how about our own fall play? This year’s fall play adjusted to the complications of COVID-19 and became an interactive Zoom experience.  The fall...

Minnesota Transforms into a Political Battleground

Minnesota Transforms into a Political Battleground
Will Democrats or Republicans win the majority of Minnesotans votes?
November 1, 2020

November 3 is just around the corner and we all know what that means. This year's election is particularly high stakes due to the novel coronavirus and recent civil unrest among other factors. While in...

U.S Government and Politics Students Create Senate Race Websites

Websites spotlight closely contested Senate seats
November 1, 2020

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