The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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Community members share thoughts about free blocks.

Study Halls Battle Free Blocks

Caitlin Strauss, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

Are flexible free blocks clearly preferred over structured study halls? As the second semester began, freshmen were eager to experience something they had long been anticipating: free blocks.  Freshmen...

Lockers Out, Study Space In

Lockers Out, Study Space In

Tarun Gopalakrishnan, Staff Writer February 10, 2024

As we returned from Winter Break, students were thrilled by the new study spot on the third floor. The new location provides students with a quiet and comfortable area to study and also complete work efficiently.  Cole...

Environmental Sustainability, one of the topics a group of students in the class looked into for their final project. In the group was Mackenzie Higgins ‘24, Michelle Elliott ‘25, Ella Chester ‘24, Ruhi Kurdikar ‘25 and Sarah Hsia ‘25. This group researched how the community views environmental sustainability. Based on the SPARC survey, they found ways to educate
and better practices for the community. The group also created a word cloud as a method of research for their project. The word cloud was filled with words students think of when they think about environmental sustainability. The group explored discrepancy of community intent and actions, and the discrepancy of community priorities. At the end of their presentation the group came up with recommendations for classes incorporating environmental sustainability into their curriculums, students having more exposure to the topic, more attention to the issue,
empower students, add new core values or add to one of the existing core values like respect.

Surveying Sustainability

Cleo Kilpatrick, Editor Emerita February 8, 2024

Social Studies teacher Dion Crushon taught the Identities and Representations elective first semester. This elective merges previous social studies electives: Class and Race in the U.S, Gender Studies...

Elevator Misuse Escalates

Elevator Misuse Escalates

Anna Tao, Staff Writer February 6, 2024

It’s not something most of us consider unless we’ve experienced the need for it. Most students pay no attention to the contraptions, but as flocks of students seep into the already congested hallways,...

Kelly Morrison 87 Runs for Office

Kelly Morrison ’87 Runs for Office

Amelia Bush, Editor-in-Chief February 1, 2024

From an OBGYN to elected office, Kelly Morrison ‘87 announced her congressional campaign on Nov. 9.  Morrison first ran for office after the 2016 presidential election. “I felt like I just had...

Collection of students from both choir and orchestra dine in at Buca di Beppo for dinner.

Music Department Tour Features Variety of Activities

Gabriella Marmet, Managing Editor January 31, 2024

The Music Department Tour traveled from Thursday Jan. 11 to Sunday Jan. 14 in Kansas City and Iowa. The tour consisted of students in the auditioned music classes of choir, band, and orchestra. Faculty...

Dominic Bollettieri ‘25, Drew Dillon ‘25, and Miguel Quintero ‘25 serve themselves Chef Taher’s paella on Nov. 29.

Taher CEO Explores Culture Through Cuisine

Faith Zhao, Staff Writer December 20, 2023

On Nov. 29, the CEO of Taher, Bruce Taher, came to serve Blake Paiia, an authentic dish from Spain.Taher is the food management service that supplies The Blake School  with all nutritional requests, including...

On Nov. 30, Maggie Molter’s Physics: Mechanics class went over the grading system for about 20 minutes. The class had just finished a lab report, so Molter explained what the class’s current grades were and what students were on track to get for the semester.

“A” For Advanced?

Amelia Bush, Managing Editor December 8, 2023

The presence of objective-based grading within classrooms has dramatically increased since even the last school year, and in approximately two years, the administration hopes to transition all departments...

Patters’ Campaign Corner showcases ballot issues, governor races, and candidates for both primaries. When a candidate is added or removed, the board is updated in front of the class.

AP US Government and Politics Discusses Presidential Election

Evan Vezmar, Managing Editor December 6, 2023

News and information are all around us, but students are often unaware of current events within politics and the American government. AP U.S Government and Politics has been one of few classes that has...

After the original account was taken down, another account emerged under a similar name. However, this new account has yet to make any posts.

@blakebearsbarstool Reported, Taken Down

Mackenzie Higgins, Ali Hecker, and Bennett Wieland November 9, 2023

Earlier this fall, an Instagram account under the username @blakebearsbarstool emerged. The content it posted differed greatly from the sports scores and memes about rival teams seen on a typical Barstool...

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