The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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Let it Snow?

Lack of flurries creates confusion
Yoni Zacks
All data from the Minnesota DNR

According to ABC News, “This winter is the warmest on record for Minnesota and the Twin Cities going back to the earliest records kept in the 1870s.” 

As we all know, Minnesota is known for its freezing cold temperatures as well as its frequent snow storms and flurries. But this winter, Minnesota has broken from its nearly constant streak of snowy winters and has experienced very little snowfall so far. Some Minnesotans are grateful for the lack of snow, such as Rowan Kalar ‘27, who remarks that “you can be outside more,” and that it’s easier to get ready since “you don’t have to put on snow pants or boots”. 

Gayle Herwig, a bus driver at Blake, explains that the lack of snow also means “it is easier to drive, and you don’t have to scrape off the bus to get rid of all the snow.” In addition to the easier bus maintenance, the lack of snow typically means fewer traffic delays and less danger without having to navigate icy roads. 

On the other hand, many Minnesotans believe that winters are not complete without characteristic cold temperatures and snowfalls. Kalar explains that the lack of snow has caused her to miss some of the more traditional winter activities such as “build[ing] snowmen” and “sled[ding]”. Herwig describes that he likes snow both for its functional purposes and for its beauty: “The buses have good traction and [the snow is] pretty.” Herwig adds, “I’m a winter guy, and I miss the snow [this year].”

Skiing is a sport that has been significantly influenced by the lack of snow this winter. Kalar, an alpine skier for Blake, discusses the benefits of real snow and how it is better for skiing in comparison to the lower quality of artificial snow. Kalar comments that “sometimes [artificial snow is] sticky, and sometimes it’s too soft and [skiers] can get caught on an edge and fall”. Skiers appreciate when there is natural snow since it means they do not have to deal with the challenges of artificial snow for skiing. 

As the winter winds down, we are left to wonder whether we will have some snow flurries or if it will be a rather snowless season. Either way, fans of snow can hold out hope for a little bit longer because, as Herwig puts it, “[Snow is] fun!” 

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Caitlin Strauss
Caitlin Strauss, Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Caitlin, and I am a freshman this year. This is my second semester being a staff writer, and I am excited to write articles on different topics in a variety of sections of the newspaper. One of my favorite parts about Spectrum is meeting new students and teachers through interviews for my articles. When I am not writing, I am often figure skating, playing tennis, or training our four dogs!
Yoni Zacks
Yoni Zacks, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Hi! My name is Yoni Zacks, and I am a junior. I am a Co-Editor-in-Chief and the Online Editor. I also edit the front and opinion pages. I have been writing for Spectrum since the first cycle of my freshman year, and this is my fourth semester as an editor. I have always loved to read the newspaper, and I'm so excited that I get to write for one! Outside of Spectrum, I like to watch sports (Go Canucks Go!), play tennis, and discuss politics.

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