The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Boone Tutterow 25 stands with his teammate Andrew. The final score was a tie, 28-28.

4th Annual Unified Basketball Game Rallies

Jonah Yousha, Staff Writer March 18, 2023

The energy level in the gym was high, and spectators, coaches, and teammates were up smiling and cheering. The annual Special Olympics basketball game, held on Mar. 13, was a huge success. The boys’...

Buck break dances at his University of Chicago reunion. He often competes in dance battles with “different formats, but the most common is they’ll have a preliminary round where
everybody dances for 45 seconds or a minute, and sometimes that’s showcase style where they’ll just have one person come up after the other and dance in front of the judges.”

Harold Buck Breaks it Down

Anna Tao, Staff Writer March 16, 2023

Harold Buck has been a common topic among students the past year due to his increasing popularity from dancing in class. He first “caught the wave of suburban breaking in 1984.” Buck continues,...

Julia Rasmussen 23 ponders where to put her candy wrapper in the Senior Lounge. This lounge, which is the most frequented in school, has three garbage options, while other places usually only have two.

What a Waste

Faith Zhao , Staff Writer March 7, 2023

The trash cans in our school are emptied every single day; three times a week, the landfill dumpster gets picked up as well as recycling and compost, which are collected twice a week. Ultimately, each...

From a young age, bow ties have been a part of Alexander’s life. The small accessory, completes every outfit he wears and feels uniquely him. As he grows up, he plans to continue his bow tie wearing ways, picking new ones out each day into college.

Oskar Alexander ’23 Grows into the Bow

Sofia Perlman, In-Depth Editor March 7, 2023

Who knew that what started as a preschool Easter outfit accessory would become a staple in Oskar Alexander ‘23’s wardrobe for years to come. A defining feature of his everyday outfits, Alexander is...

Stafford stands in front of the debate team’s extensive trophy
case. Not pictured: the rest of the trophies that sit outside of the
debate room. Terveen notes, “[There is] definitely no [pressure to
win]. Although he is of course very proud when teams do well!”

Passionate Debating Minus the Pressure

Faith Zhao, Staff Writer March 7, 2023

Shane Stafford and Sandy Berkowitz were originally debate rivals. Now married, they coach debate together.  The first time they met, they were at a tournament at Princeton University. After the debate,...

Before their section finals rematch against Edina at Parade Stadium, the entire roster gathers together to in front of the goal crease to preapre. The game was the last time that 11 seniors, including Higuchi, Wethington, and the other three captains, wore the white, blue and green.

BGH Overcome Injuries, Make Section Final

Sonia Lerner, Staff Writer March 6, 2023

The end of the eason for Girls’ Hockey has come to a close for a team led by 11 graduating seniors. Injuries have continuously confronted the team, including a broken wrist for senior captain Jackie...

Sophomore Macaella Sikhoya recalls her two experiences at Mall of America during recent shootings.

Witnessing Gun Violence

Amelia Bush , Managing Editor February 3, 2023

“I just wanted to call my mom,” said Macaella Sikhoya ‘25, a witness to the Mall of America shootings. The Mall of America has been no stranger to darkness, with prevalent issues such as sex trafficking,...

Lunches Leave No Crumbs

Lunches Leave No Crumbs

Winnie Ulland , Staff Writer February 2, 2023

Returning to school after a semester abroad came with many surprises, but the most notable was the dining setup, tech, and style transformation. Contrary to last school year’s lunches, in which students...

Max Vinar ‘26 and Jack Mark ‘26 from Anna Reid’s advisory  look up the word inregrity in the Merrium Webster Dictionary.

Community Assess Integrity

Ali Hecker , Student Life Editor February 1, 2023

Oxford Dictionary defines integrity as, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. Beginning this year, grade deans have introduced the school’s core values as themes for each...

Rustica has a plethora of pastries to choose from to enjoy alongside whatever other drinks you decide to order.

Bakeries to Make Your Winter

Kate Rekas, Opinions Editor January 30, 2023

The Minneapolis area boasts numerous quality bakeries, all serving delicious delicate pastries and treats, but some outshine others. Some of my personal favorites are Rustica, Bellecour Bakery, and Isles...

Both Maddie and Sarah maintain their passion for service by remaining involved in various communities. Over winter break, Maddie volunteered with Alight, at organization that helps to resettle Afghan refugees. She explained, “we had a bunch of different events that I ended up going to, including a figure skating event to teach Afghan youth how to skate ... It was hard for them because they kept falling, but really heartwarming to see that they were laughing.” Sarah attended events at Everymeal and Feed my Starving Children. In the future, she hopes to continue to volunteer with those organizations and branch out to discover new ways to help.

Hsia Sisters Explore Passion for Service

Mackenzie Higgins, Online Editor January 29, 2023

From leading the Hunger Committee and Community Service Board (CSB) Leadership Committee, to volunteering at Learning in Style School, Every Meal, and Feed My Starving Children, Maddie ‘23 and Sarah...

Jalen Wilson ‘23 delivers his senior speech during assembly on November 17. Along with the other seniors, Wilson receives feedback about his speech from teachers and advisors.

Speech Censorship Leaves Seniors Stifled, Edited at the Podium

Mackenzie Higgins, Food Editor December 16, 2022

“Word for word, there was nothing from my first draft that made it into my final speech,” says, Julia Enebo ‘23. Enebo is not alone, but rather many seniors this year would agree that they’ve experienced...

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