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MSHSL Makes Changes Guidelines, Allows Fall Seasons to Begin

Pictured above is the 2019-2020 Blake Volleyball team. They entered the fall expecting not to be able to play until the spring, but due to the new MSHSL guidelines, delivered September 21, they are now able to begin their fall 2020 season rather than waiting until spring.

Jasper Liu, Contributing Writer

October 1, 2020

Before Monday, September 21, Minnesota high school volleyball and football seasons were supposed to take place in the spring amid Covid-19 concerns. But throughout the morning of September 21st, members of the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) met to discuss their previous decisions of moving Voll...

Girls’ Swim & Dive Team Swims on Despite New Restrictions

Girls’ Swim & Dive Team Swims on Despite New Restrictions

Amelia Bush, Contributing Writer

October 1, 2020

Like many other sports this year, Blake Girls' Swim and Dive has had to make many adjustments and sacrifices in order to have a season. The team has been split into two different groups that practice during two different times. Along with this, they have to wear masks whenever they are not physically in...

Cancellation of Spring Season Leads to Plans for Summer, Impacts Recruitment

The Aamoth Stadium lays empty during this time

Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor

May 23, 2020

Among all the chaos that has come with the outbreak of COVID-19, student-athletes whose sports are in the spring are devastated that they won’t have a season due to the close contact and high risk of contracting COVID-19.  As of May 13, Governor Tim Walz announced that some small non-essential b...

Review of Five Popular Youtube Workout Accounts

POPSUGAR is one of many Youtube accounts that create videos that stimulate workout classes

Sara Richardson, Managing Editor

May 15, 2020

Review 1: POPSUGAR Fitness POPSUGAR is a lifestyle brand that has a variety of fitness videos as well as health and beauty articles. The workout was the most physically intense out of the other videos, but it was my favorite. POPSUGAR Fitness has a variety of videos from floor pilates to dance ca...

Athlete Spotlight: Synchronized Swimmer, Casey Stocking

Casey Stocking '20 is one of the original members of Blake's synchronized swimming team.

Shagun Sinha, Contributing Writer

May 15, 2020

Senior Casey Stocking '20 is a captain of the synchronized swim team for Blake. Stocking became a member of the team in 7th grade when the team had just begun. She heard about the sport from an assembly announcement, and she decided to join. Having previous experience from swimming and gymnastics, Stockin...

May Mystery Athlete

May Mystery Athlete

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer

May 1, 2020

This month’s mystery athlete is on the Blake softball team. She is currently a senior who started playing softball at seven years old and has played for Blake for four years. This month’s athlete loves the sport and dedicates her time to it because of the fun it brings. Through practice on both the Bl...

Quarantine Impacts Off Season Training

Lachen Reid '20 works out in his home gym.

Ben Aronow, Contributing Writer

April 24, 2020

Quarantine has added a lot of complication to staying in shape. With routines disrupted and the option of working out in a gym or with other people off the table, the Coronavirus crisis has thrown a wrench into many aspects of people’s training regimen. Being sequestered at home with a limited amo...

Spring Sport Athletes Share Training Schedules, React to Cancellation of Season

Lacrosse player Ava Pihlstrom '22 follows workouts that have been put together by BGL's coach

Sara Richardson, Managing Editor

April 18, 2020

Before the spring sports’ seasons were officially cancelled, different teams were staying active and preparing for their upcoming seasons. Eliot Mitchell ‘21, explains that her lacrosse coach “made a spreadsheet and we have five workouts a week and then like wall ball and stick challenges and things like that...

Home Gyms Become Essential For Athletes

Home Gyms Become Essential For Athletes

Gabe Ganz, Sports Editor

April 2, 2020

In a time of closure for all public gyms and workout areas, athletes of all levels find themselves struggling to find methods of staying in shape. However, for the athletes lucky enough to have workout equipment in their homes, this is not an issue. Home gyms offer a unique workout experience personalized...

Boys’ Hockey Takes Third in State Tournament

Boys' Hockey Takes Third in State Tournament

March 11, 2020

The Boys' Hockey team was section champions and made it to state semi-finals where they fell 4-1 to Eden Prairie

Boys’ Hockey Finds Success With 2A

The Boys' Hockey team competes against the Eagles from Eden Prairie in the state semi-final game, eventually losing 4-1.

Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor

March 9, 2020

The Boys' Hockey team has had a very successful season thus far with their new Head Coach Rob McClanahan. McClanahan was on the U.S. Olympic team in 1980 and a part of the team that beat the Soviet Union who had held the gold medal for many years prior. He is a well-known hockey player and now uses ...

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