Music Streaming Modes Conflict

Students disagree about Apple Music and Spotify


Gabi Marmet

Out of 170 students surveyed, the majority responded that they use Spotify. One anonymous student explained that, “There is every song choice and I can make as many playlists as I want. Also all my friends use Spotify so I can see what they’re listening to.”

Gabi Marmet, Arts & Culture Editor

Do you prefer Spotify or Apple Music? There is an ongoing debate as to whether Apple Music or Spotify is the better music platform. The dispute has continued for years, and a majority of people will defend that the platform they use is better. Both platforms have different, unique benefits. 

Apple Music, a $5 a month platform, is superior to Spotify because it has the better sound quality. Apple Music also allows users to learn about the songs/artists and offers live radio shows for users to listen to. Although you do have to pay for Apple Music, many users explain that it’s worth it, and they also offer a free seven-day trial. 

Spotify is a social platform. Spotify can be free, if you are willing to have occasional ads, or you can subscribe to Spotify Premium, which costs $10 per month, and is ad free. Spotify also offers family plans, which is another way of getting Spotify Premium. Customers are able to add their friends, look at what they’re listening to, as well as make collaborative playlists. Spotify Wrapped is a new addition to Spotify, it shows user listening data and trends. Anna Tao ‘25, a diehard Spotify user explains another benefit, “What if you don’t have an apple phone? Ya know? What if you switch phones, like what if you were an apple music user, but then all of the sudden you get a Samsung, what are you gonna do then? You don’t have music!”

A survey sent to Blake students asked whether they liked Apple Music or Spotify better. With an even age split of students who responded, 73.5% of kids prefer Spotify, and only 20% prefer Apple Music. When questioned why they chose a certain platform, a student who preferred Spotify wrote, “The majority of my friends use Spotify, so I like being able to create collaborative playlists and share the music I am listening to with them.” Another person who favored Apple Music wrote, “The sound quality of the music is really good and I like the way it’s organized better than Spotify.” As the debate continues of Apple Music v.s. Spotify, it can be concluded that Blake students prefer Spotify.