Organization Tools Prove Vital For Managing School Work

Helpful strategies to stay on track


Evie Doran

Doran employs a handwritten list in a planner to stay organized, commenting that she “just prefer[s] that to typing.”

Sonia Lerner, Staff Writer

As the school year is now in full swing, the need for organization and time management are at their highest. With so many options available, both online and in hand, the possibilities of organizing your schoolwork are endless. 

Lauren Armstrong ‘25 utilizes Canvas to its fullest in order to stay on top of her work, saying, “the calendar and module sections of each class are really helpful to me.” Armstrong adds that she especially likes how easy-access Canvas is, with the ability to have the app on your phone. However, like any system, Canvas isn’t perfect. Errors with the calendar view top the list of flaws for Armstrong: “I don’t like how sometimes assignments won’t pop up on the calendar, and sometimes that’s not a teacher’s fault.” Overall, Armstrong says that Canvas, “really helps with getting stuff done on time.”

On the other hand, students may choose to utilize means other than Canvas to stay up to date. Evie Doran ‘23 adds a planner into the mix in order to keep track of her schoolwork. Although she still uses Canvas as well, Doran explains that her planner “is helpful to make a list for what [she] needs to do in a night.” She adds that the physicality of the planner and actually writing things out is what really helps her. “It sticks better in my mind when I get to physically write things down, and I just prefer that to typing.” Like any system, there are some downfalls to carrying around a physical planner. Doran mentions: “I guess [my planner] kind of just hangs out in my backpack, and sometimes I forget about it.”

There are so many options to choose for organizing your schoolwork, and the best one will be one that works with your needs. Doran ends by saying, “I think everyone should find their own system that works for them.”