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March 10, 2016

     Spectrum sent out a survey asking the following questions:

“Which tactics do you think activate people to volunteer time? Which strategies activate them to donate money?”

Read some of the 126 responses below.

whygiveMaxine Whitely

Anything that makes the volunteer feel personally connected to the charity that they’re supporting. Something that makes them feel good about helping others, them knowing that they’re benefitting someone else.”

“I think if we engage people more by figuring out fun ways to donate money, rather than just going around asking people to donate to a specific cause, [people] will become more willing. Also I think people would like to know where their money is going, because there are time when I have no clue where my money is going for things like bake sales and I would like to know more about the organization.”

Service should not be something to be recognized by an award, it should be recognized by the impact it makes on the global or local communities.”

“[College] applications, moral goodness, and tax breaks.”

I think when people are educated and learn about situations locally and abroad, they gain empathy and feel the need to donate or volunteer.”

I think when people have faith that they can make a genuine impact.

I have always felt responsibility to donate to charity and occasionally volunteer because of outreach from them. It is reassuring that as a teenager, you can at least fund people who are making real change in the world.”

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