Coloring books help many students that have focusing problems (Photo credit: Fiona Duffy)
Coloring books help many students that have focusing problems

Photo credit: Fiona Duffy

Coloring books aren’t just for little kids

Creating art allows one to calm down in stressful environments

March 18, 2016

Coloring books are for adults too. You’re probably thinking, good joke. But seriously, did you know the adult coloring books have been on the rise as of late and a lot of students around you are probably taking part in this movement?

Coloring books have been known to help a lot of students that have focusing problems, like ADD or ADHD. They lead to lot’s of focus on something that is simple and fun. The Huffington Post refers to coloring books as, “an alternate to meditation.”

Sydney Ethen ‘18, a color book fanatic states, “It gives my hands something to do… It’s really nice to calm down and de-stress after a long day.”

Stress relief is a large part of why coloring books are becoming so popular in adults and students. An article from CNN reports that a study done in 2005 shows that anxiety levels in students dropped drastically when coloring mandalas (a round geometric patterns). Shruti Gupta ’17 says, “You don’t have to concentrate on anything at all, just the coloring.”

Coloring books do not call for professional artists. Gupta says, “There is no skill level required.” Anybody can try it. Ethen says, “It’s like half the work has already been done for you. You just have to fill it in.”

It’s really nice to calm down and de-stress after a long day.

— Sydney Ethen '18

Coloring shouldn’t be limited to only younger kids. It takes time, patience and focus. These are traits that everyone can continue to develop even out of their younger years. If you have never tried a coloring book, there are many ways to access them. Ethen says, “I started printing out coloring pages and…then I found these [books] and they’re really nice.” Lots of students also purchase them from stores Walgreens, Michaels or Target.

Even teachers are joining in on the fun. Will Bohrnsen colors with his two daughters all the time. He says, “I can just space out… I feel like when I go back to those things [work, kids] I’m more focused.”

If you’re feeling stressed and need a ten minute break, but hate mediation, try a coloring book! Ethen puts it best when she says,“Coloring shouldn’t have an age… Everyone can enjoy a little bit of art in their life.”

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