Service from Legacy Day contribute to over 8 non-profit charities; students learn to give back to organizations across the Twin Cities through a series of speeches, activities, and group dialogues.

Steven Nye

Leaving a legacy

Working together to make a difference in the community

November 3, 2016

Legacy Day is the only day of the year where all three campuses of The Blake School including every grade (1 through 12), over 100 volunteers, and every single faculty member all get together and help give back to the community through service.

     For one day out of the 277 we are in school, the entire student body gets together for a day of service. This year we helped Lives Global Hunger Project by creating meals as well as Minnesota families for Matter by making food boxes and fleece blankets for local outreach centers. This diverse plethora of people we help really is the pinnacle of Blake Service.

     But what’s more incredible is how much we contributed to these organizations.  We packed 74,088 meals for Impact Lives Global Hunger Project, 3,600 meals for Minnesota Families for Matter, and put together 164 fleece blankets for charity. We packed almost enough meals to feed the entire city of Duluth. It’s truly amazing what we can accomplish in one day when we’re all working together.

     Something that would otherwise make Legacy Day impossible is our collaboration with non-profit organizations. Scott Flemming, Director Office of Equity and Community Engagement and Legacy Day Co-chair, says, “We have a variety of long-standing partnerships with the agencies in the Twin Cities.”  These organizations do amazing things for people in need.

     Legacy Day is notable in its ability to encourage students to get an extensive amount of service done in such a short amount of time.

    In the words of Natalie Owens-Pike, Director of LearningWorks, “We reset at the beginning of each school year by taking service action and contributing to our community as a whole, and also to the communities that surround our school.”

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