Shift Towards Privacy in Social Media Ensures Healthy Future

Shift Towards Privacy in Social Media Ensures Healthy Future

Social media not harmful just because new

March 14, 2019

In little over a decade, social media has gone from a group of various technological experiments to domination of the United States and many other countries. Modern children live in a completely different social structure than the norm had been for generations. Frankly, different does not mean bad. While there are many critics that feel as if the rise of social media is detrimental to humanity, the truth is that social media is a natural result of humanity’s technological advancements and it should be further innovated instead of suppressed in order to reach its full potential and truly benefit us all.

Social media has allowed for increased human connection, as it is now possible to communicate with people from all over the world whenever they want. Some people say that this connection is less valid because it is electronic, but again, different does not mean bad. Children now communicate differently than their parents did, but this is not necessarily bad.

There are recognizable downfalls to the social media of recent years, including cyberbullying and lack of privacy, but children have naturally started to move away from very public sites and into social media that is more private and personal–– even Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has acknowledged this shift. Because of this, many of the issues associated with social media will fade away. On a private site like Snapchat, where only a few friends can access what someone posts, developers are able to combine the benefits of modern technology with the privacy that fosters a healthy social life. There is a very bright future for social media.

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