Impeachment Critical

Setting precedent for presidential illegalities is vital

December 9, 2019


The integrity of the office of the presidency is undeniably a critical component to our functioning democracy and thus must always be maintained, which is why Article II of the US Constitution provides a mechanism by which Congress can do so: impeachment. Congress should impeach Donald Trump to set the standard that we shall investigate any potential offense of the office of the presidency to maintain that it is never above the law, thus preserving our country’s democratic values. 

To clarify, the word “impeach” does not mean to remove from office. Rather, it means to bring the president to trial to determine whether or not he should be removed. 

Impeachment is a check to make sure that the president does not break the law. Refusing to even go through the process actively ignores the possibility that he did something wrong and assumes that the president doesn’t break the law simply because he is the president. The answer to the question of whether or not he should be removed is simple: he should be removed if he is found guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” 

Most on the right argue that the impeachment inquiry is merely a political move by Nancy Pelosi to rally support for the democrats for the 2020 election. However, political moves are completely irrelevant to the impeachment process. If Trump is found innocent, then his base will rebound stronger and any attempt at political gain has failed. If he is found guilty, then he is removed not because of a Democrat “witch hunt”, but because he actually broke the law. 

As the next presidential election approaches and many of us will be voting in it for the first time, it is critical that we all take a step back and contemplate what the presidency means to us. Regardless of the results, impeachment will help uphold the standard that the president will never be above the law. Doing so will continue to preserve the democratic integrity upon which this country was founded. 

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