Individuality Showcased on Laptop Case

March 9, 2020

Laptop stickers and cases are one of the most common ways students express themselves. Many students have laptop cases because they’re protective and come in fun colors. Another main reason so many laptops have cases is because students are not allowed to put stickers straight on their laptops.

Precious Jones ’22 doesn’t have stickers on her marble laptop case saying, “I think [stickers] take away from the aesthetic of the marble. It’s very simple and I think I would not choose the right stickers to compliment it.”

Some people choose stickers based on their interests, or just stickers they find fun and relatable. For stickers like this, Redbubble tends to be the most popular site.

Others focus on stickers that they’ve received or stickers that are souvenirs from places they’ve visited. Alex Weisman ’22 says, “Some of them I made myself, so those definitely express me, and they’re just interests I have and stickers I’ve gotten as I go about my life.”

Additionally, Clare Wagner ’22 says, “I have a Vans sticker that came with one of my pairs of Vans when I got it, and I was like ‘huh I don’t know what to do with this’, so I just put it on my laptop. And then I have a Waterparks sticker, I got it with my CD, so I was like ‘hell yeah’ I’m putting that on my computer.”

Regardless, as Weisman says, stickers provide an opportunity for students to express themselves.

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