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50 Things To Do During Quarantine

Fun things to do that follow the quarantine guidelines


  1. Clean your house. I am not just talking about cleaning your room, but help your parents organize the garage or go through your closet. Personally, I did this during the first two days of quarantine and I feel uncluttered. 
  2. Redecorate your room. Move some things around, put some pictures of your friends and family on the wall, or learn about feng shui. 
  3. Study for the ACT, SAT or AP tests. I haven’t started studying for my AP tests or restudying for the June ACT. But I should, right? I mean I do have the time.
  4. Play a board game or a card game. My personal favorite is Exploding Kittens or BS.
  5. Make a giant Kahoot about yourself. Force your friends and family to play, maybe even give the winner a roll of toilet paper. 
  6. Go down a Youtube rabbit hole. 
  7. Exercise. Go on a run or search a youtube video of yoga. Get active!
  8. Stretch. I usually never stretch before or after I exercise, but I should. And now I have more time; maybe I will even be able to do the splits again. 
  9. Play card games online with your friends on
  10. Visualize that you’re on the beach. Hear me out on this one. It is supposed to reach the high 60s soon, so pull out a lawn chair, grab the shades, put on ocean sounds on your phone, and pretend. This is practically shorts weather for Minnesotans, so why not?
  11. Plan something fun for the future. Use Pinterest or Travel and Leisure to plan your dream vacation. Find something local you want to do this summer, and get excited!
  12. Read a book. I wrote an article on reading for fun, and I actually read. It is kinda fun, highly recommended!
  13. Clean my shoes. My white shoes are almost brown. I am pretty sure there is a way to fix this. So look at your shoes, do they need a good cleaning?
  14. Journal. Write something, anything. You could write your feelings, you could write what you did the other day, or you could write a story. The possibilities are endless. 
  15. Bake something or learn how to cook. I am a horrible cook and baker. I can make myself eggs and that’s about it. But we’re all capable of finding a Youtube video or recipe online and giving it a try. 
  16. Learn how to paint your nails. Personally, I always get nail polish all over my skin. If you can do this without making a mess, I’m impressed. But if you can’t, learn with me!
  17. Get crafty! Paint something or find a DIY project. 
  18. Dye your hair or create a new hairstyle. I know, everyone has told me not to do this. But I kinda want to dye my hair for a few days. Maybe you should try something new too!
  19. Make Starbucks drinks at home. Try to make your beloved caramel frappuccino or iced vanilla latte. 
  20. Learn how to do something new: cartwheel, juggle, magic tricks?
  21. Learn how to actually put on makeup. I have makeup but I don’t really know how to use it. At some point, I am going to find some online tutorials. 
  22. Find new outfit inspiration. Go through your closet, put some new outfits together!
  23. Learn how to skateboard. My brother has a skateboard, and I am bound to learn without getting hurt.
  24. Go on a hike. Find a hike, take a road trip with your family, and see some beautiful views. 
  25. Build a giant fort. Bring back your lower school days, grab some blankets, and create a cool hideout. 
  26. Online competitions between friends. Who can create the best fort or make the most aesthetically pleasing cupcake?
  27. Become good at dancing. I don’t know how to do this. But I can take an online dance class and hope. 
  28. Summer bucket list. Find some new activities you want to try this summer!
  29. Update your playlist. I did this for the first time in a year. Now I don’t have to skip every other song. Discover your new favorite artist or song.
  30. Netflix party. This is super fun if you have Netflix. You can watch your favorite movie or TV series with a few friends. 
  31. Stargaze. There is a cool app called Skyview. It can help you find planets, constellations. Look up at the sky and be amazed. 
  32. Organize your desktop on your computer. I know you have screenshots and files all over.
  33. Train your dog to do a cool trick. I personally don’t have a dog. But if I did, I would do this. 
  34. Try listening to a podcast.
  35. Go on a virtual museum tour. Have you always wanted to go to Amsterdam? Now you can get a tour of the Van Gogh Museum online. Travel from your own home.
  36. Artists are having online concerts. Diplo had a concert in his living room. Dance a little!
  37. Call your grandma, grandpa, or any adult figure in your life. 
  38. Make a photobook. Go through your childhood photos, maybe make your parent an album. 
  39. Pinterest boards. My friends and I planned our future weddings using Pinterest boards. It’s a lot of fun and very addicting. 
  40. Find a way to serve your community. Bring food to local food shelters or put artwork/positive messages on your windows or sidewalks. 
  41. Get faster at typing. I am currently typing with two fingers and failed Type to Learn 4. Maybe I will finally learn how to properly type.
  42. Learn calligraphy. My handwriting sucks, but I want to learn how to write in cool fonts. 
  43. Grow a plant. See how long you can keep it alive. Maybe this will be your new hobby and you will create a garden. 
  44. Use some hand lotion. My hands are dry from washing them so much, so my new goal is to keep them moisturized. 
  45. Clean your inbox. If you have thousands of emails, now is a great opportunity to go through them. 
  46. Call or facetime five people a day. I told myself that I would practice physical distancing, but not social distancing. Maintain those connections!
  47. Color. This is not just for kids. There are adult coloring books, or you can print out some coloring pages.
  48. Sleep. Don’t you dare go to bed at 2 am again. 
  49. Make some Tik Toks. I was not going to put this on my list, but I feel like I had to. 
  50. Just try to get out of bed, don’t turn on the news for the fifth time, and go do something that you enjoy doing.




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