Corona Companions Comfort Cohabitants

Furry friends enjoy spending time with their owners during quarantine

Gabe Ganz
Gabe Ganz

Meet Murphy, who is reaching for his toy. Little does he know he can’t have it because when he’s given it he barks too much. (photos 1 and 2)

Dylan Gainsley

Reggie, the Cavipoo, recently picked up at just 8 weeks old. Reggie is a friendly and playful puppy who is excited to be a new member of the Gainsley household during quarantine. (photo 3)

Sage Marmet
Sage Marmet

Another new addition during quarantine, Lila, who loves to play in the dirt, has recently found a new home residing in the Marmet household. (photos 4 and 5)

Jack Richardson

Poppy eagerly awaits for a yoga ball to be tossed. This tiny French bulldog gets wound up over one of her favorite activities. (photo 6)

Nora Fox

This is Jack, who loves to spend his time rolling around in the grass. He is very happy that everyone is home and has time to play with him.  (photo 7)

Christina Chekerdjieva
Christina Chekerdjieva

Meet Abby, who loves to chew on sleeves to get attention. For a year and a half his family thought he was a girl, now they call him Bun, Abigail, Abraham, and Abby. (photos 8 and 9)

Betsy Fries

Jimmy patiently waits by the back door to go outside. As the weather continues to get nicer, he loves spending his time sunbathing on the deck. (photo 10)

Keaton Rannow

Pepper, the border collie-poodle mix, has had a long day and lays at the top of the stairs. Nothing is getting in the way of her rest time, even if her owners want to take a picture of her. (photo 11)



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