Elena Gill

Student Section Returns, Positively Impacts Players on Field

Cheerful students empower athletes

September 29, 2021

Following a year of strict COVID-19 precautions, student sections are allowed at fall sporting events once again. Classmates are able to come to support their friends, an essential element missing from last year’s sporting events. This year, the stands were full of students dressed in theme along with beach balls and floaties continuously being thrown. 

After talking to both athletes and student spectators, it became clear how momentous the returning student section is to the Upper School community. For example, football player Jackson Moon ‘23 spoke about how the student section “really motivated the Wolfpack and reminded the athletes that we’re always going to have the support of our classmates and teachers.”

Students Participated in A Sell-Out Home Opener at Gordy Aamoth, Jr. Memorial Stadium

Stephan Gustafson ‘24, a student who was at the first home game and is on Blake’s varsity football team, refers to the experience of having a student section as “lively and fun, it was exciting to see how the student section was connected and cheering for us as we played.” 

Gustafson also mentions how “playing with a student section was thrilling and helped us stay focused and motivated throughout the game.” Gustafson elaborates on how it felt having a student section after playing without one. He explains, “having a student section this year definitely was more exciting, it was so nice to see everyone cheer us on as we played.”

Not only has having a student section impacted athletes, it’s also affected Blake’s student body. Sarah Costa ‘23 explains how “having a period of time where we didn’t have opportunities to watch games and cheer on our athletes caused more energy and team spirit at this most recent game… the energy was high and it felt like life was normal again.” 

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