‘22 Reminisces, Shares Upper School Memories

Four high school years amount to funny stories, absurd experiences

October 10, 2021

My funniest senior memory was when Somil spoke from the heart in the CJB speech, I think that it was funny. If you know you know

— Ibrahim Khan '22

Freshman year, I had a lot of mistakes. The most memorable one was when I broke my wrist on the ice of the street, and then later that day I fell again off the bus on the same wrist. Another memorable experience was when I was in freshman year, my parents couldn’t drive me so I used to ride the city bus. We used to have a teacher named [Alex] Fisher, and he was my freshman year geometry teacher and I didn’t know him that well, but then I saw him on the city bus and he sat next to me, and then we rode the bus every day from there on out.

— Spencer Okoronkwo '22

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