Seniors Offer Advice, Widsom to Underclassmen

Previous time at Upper School provides shareable knowledge

October 10, 2021

As the oldest and most experienced grade at the Upper School, the Class of 2022 has faced all of the ups and downs of high school and has gained all sorts of knowledge through various successes and failures. Therefore, in an effort to help underclassmen navigate their way through high school for their first or second years, seniors offer valuable advice.

One of the more important objectives of school is to achieve good grades, and as many seniors explained, doing school and homework accurately but efficiently is a key factor for success in high school. Ayaan Mallick ’22 mentions, “Focus on school… I think there are a lot of distractions.”

Atreyus Bhavsar ’22 adds, “Don’t procrastinate on your work at home, be efficient… have good time management and be organized.”

Take the time to figure out how to best study and take notes.”

— Sophia Sznewajs '22

Other students mentioned that seeking teachers out for help is extremely beneficial, as teachers will share feedback, constructive criticism, and words of wisdom during conversations with students. Shreya Mohan ’22 explains, “Meet with your teachers and get help,”and Bhavsar emphasizes, “Meet with your teachers outside of class; 1-on-1 in office hours… to learn as much as you can on the subject. Just with talking with them, you can learn life morals.”

However, in order to learn the best methods for success, introspection is sometimes necessary. Sophia Sznewajs ’22 articulates, “Take the time to figure out how to best study and take notes.”

By discovering how you learn and retain information best, studying and doing well on homework and exams becomes much easier. Success will come if you have a plan, so by spending time at the beginning of the school year to figure out what strategies and methods work best for your personal learning, when the work begins to pile up, it will be much more manageable. Finally, having connections with teachers is important, but just as important are friendships with classmates. Forging relationships will help students navigate the difficulties and novelties in high school, and the time spent in the Upper School will be much more enjoyable. As Mallick states, “Keep your friends close because they’ll last forever.”

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