“Bridgerton” Oversexualizes Young Female Characters

November 8, 2021



In “Bridgerton” Daphne ends intimate moment with Simon.

Steamy, escapist, exhilarating, and contentious are only 4 of many words that describe Netflix’s most watched show “Bridgerton”.This show is a period piece with a hint of modernism, known for its hyperbolic sex scenes. The modernism aspect of this show is represented through the romantic connections that are built between characters. 

 The show’s over exaggeration is what attracted its many viewers. The controversy with “Bridergton” is that it oversexualizes women. For example, in episode 5 the eldest Bridgerton brother (Anthony) goes to an art studio and draws nude women for his own pleasure. The controversy here is that it is only women being painted and not men. Typically for figure drawing, there are both men and women. Which for the Regency era was probably the “norm” but when watching this scene in 2021 it shows women as underpowered compared to men because the women are the only subjects being drawn and not the men. I believe this scene isn’t right for young women to watch because in 2021 we are trying to move past the stereotype of women and go towards a more equal society. You could also argue that it’s important to learn about how women were treated back then so then women know what’s right and what’s not right. Both arguments are valid and crucial for people to see and understand. 

Another controversial aspect of “Bridgerton” is how Simon Basset (The Duke of Hastings) takes advantage of Daphne’s innocence. He tells her he can’t have children but what he really means is he doesn’t want children. When the two have sex he uses the “pull out” method but Daphne has limited sexual education and she believes his lie, letting him get away with it. This lie that Simon keeps up for a couple of episodes is another example of how women are underpowered. In those episodes, it shows that the man has more power then the woman in a marriage which isn’t right especially in today’s society.

“Bridgerton” is one of many shows that sexulizes women, like in “Game of Thrones’” there’s a constant mistreatment of women. Which is probably due to the fact of the time period in which this show is taking place just like “Bridgerton,” “Game of Thrones” seems to take a few steps back from the idea of progression. Majority of the women on the show are abused or forced into a marriage. In this sense the men take control and women are just there for support. The show is a bad example for what women in life today should be portrayed or treated. The sexulization of women in TV shows makes the show more desirable to watch. Next time you watch a show like “Bridgerton” or “Game of Thrones,” think about how those scenes are influencing society today and is it really a good idea to support a show with that kind of influence on society.

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