Inter-Blake Relationships Find Challenges, Successes

Small community can strain, pressure relationships, however couples find ways to balance in-school, out-of-school relations

November 8, 2021

Because Blake is a smaller sized school, news spreads around fast when it comes to drama, rumors, and gossip. As a consequence, being in a relationship at Blake can be difficult due to the amount of attention it gets from peers.

The heightened interest around other people’s lives may cause those in relationships to act differently in school causing them to spend less time together, or having to alter the way they interact with each other which can impact the relationship in a negative way.

Despite all of this, being in a relation- ship at Blake is not all bad and can be successful. The most important thing is to find a good balance between sharing details and keeping things private. Keeping some things personal can lead to healthier relationships because it prevents mis- understandings. This does not mean that a relationship has to be completely secret, though. Ultimately, the most important thing is to not let other people influence a relationship that is not their own and to determine one’s own decisions.

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