Student Body Survey Reveals Dating Indifference

Lacking experience, interest affects opinions on relationships within Upper School community, little preferences prevail

November 8, 2021

Blake is a small community, with grades only having 120-135 students. With that comes a small pool of dating options and everyone ends up knowing each other, which can lead to hesitancy when it comes to dating. However, many students have no preference about dating because they haven’t had any dating experience. Below are statistics taken from a survey with 133 responses.


Of students who have been here since Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten are fine with or don’t have a preference about dating other lifers.


Of students who were new in their freshman or sophomore years said that they don’t have a preference about dating people at Blake.


Of responding students are not currently in any relationship. Even though students do not have a dating preference, a vast majority of the respondents are not in relationships.


Of the respondents have never dated anyone. Thus, the results are more nuanced because individuals may not have developed set dating or relationship preferences yet.


Of the respondents who have broken up with someone from Blake reported that it was just a little awkward afterwards.

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