“Chester’s Back” Elevates Spirits Through Humor

April 29, 2022

Cleo Kilpatrick

When I was little some books that always made me laugh were the Chester books by Mélanie Watt. These books were about a duel between Watt, the author, and a cat named Chester. The argument between them was always that Chester wanted the story to be about himself and would try to take over writing the book with his red marker. These books were filled with humor and joy. If I was ever in a bad mood, I would ask one of my parents to read me a book from the series. It always elevated my spirits, making me feel instantly better. These books would make both my parents and I laugh, even if we had read it many times. Even though these books didn’t really have a hidden message in them like most children’s books, they were still at the top of my list to read. 

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