Dr. Seuss Encourages Hope, Creativity

April 29, 2022

Charlotte Opp

Growing up I always gravitated towards Dr. Seuss books because I loved their imaginative stories, rhyming sentences, and colorful pages. One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books was “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” In this story, a little kid in a yellow outfit, portrayed as the reader, is venturing to many abstract places and meeting many different people. The book uncovers the vastness and mystery of the world around you. As a little kid the book made it fun to think of all the different possibilities in front of me. This book would (and still can) get me excited for any challenge I have in my life as it reminds me that no matter if I get scared or lost, there will be something worthwhile on the other side. On top of the message behind the story, I love the colorful scenes and imaginative creatures Dr. Seuss comes up with to create an escape from the present through a more whimsical reality. 

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