Spring Break Essentials

March 18, 2023


As the sun shines on a hot vacation, it is necessary to bring sunglasses. Not only are sunglasses a cute and stylized look, but they are perfect for the beach and protecting your eyes from the sun. No matter if the sunglasses are more equipped for the fashion aspect versus protection, they are a MUST HAVE on any trip! 

Water Shoes

Water shoes are very important to bring on tropical trips. While wearing your crocs, flip flops, or sandals, you get the chance to wear shoes that the Minnesota winter and spring do not allow. Water shoes are super helpful to wear at the beach, relaxing during the day, and going on adventures/hikes involving water.  


It’s the best feeling to jump into the ocean after a day on a hot vacation! Swimsuits are a huge necessity for any vacation whether or not you are going somewhere hot. Not only do swimsuits take up a minimal amount of room in a suitcase, but they are essential for the beach, pool, or hot tub.

Deck of Cards

There’s nothing like a competitive family card game on a vacation! There are countless card games that you can play to keep your mind busy, and they are a great passing time. Cards are a great way to get off of telephones and socialize with the people that you are traveling with. 


Although you might not be able to tan as well as you hoped, sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from sunburns and  skin cancer. Especially if you will be hanging out in the sun all day, sunscreen must be brought on your trip. 


Whether you’re laying down on the beach or relaxing inside, it is essential to have a book on your vacation. Books help pass time on airplanes and outside, bring a sense of peace, and help keep your mind engaged while you are on break.


Although not a dire necessity, jewelry is a great add on to bring on your trip. It’s always fun to get ready for a dinner out on a vacation, and jewelry is the perfect touch! I love getting the chance to wear my jewelry that I may not normally wear to school. 

Fanny Pack

When you’re about to go on a hike or go out to dinner, make sure that you don’t only have your carry-on backpack. It’s important to bring a small bag that is comfortable to walk around with all day and can be used to put a couple of items in, just like a pair of sunglasses!

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