The Science Museum

May 2, 2023

Within the lush atmosphere of the Science Museum, home to many exhibits of our youth, there are still many things to enjoy that may incite nostalgia as well as inspire curiosity. Its richly popular exhibits lead there to be over a million visitors each year to the museum, and with its education and fun exhibits, there is a litany of experiences to enjoy. At the time of this writing, there are currently four temporary exhibits: “Exquisite Creatures,” “Community Curators,” “Science Superheroes,”  and “Artist at Pine Needles.” Exquisite Creatures is an exhibit present from February 25 through September 4th, which presents animal specimens that are arranged such that they create intricate patterns in a wide variety of textures and colors. The exhibit includes crystals, lizards, beetles, ammonites, and much more. The museum notes that the exhibit is inspired by the term “biophilia” which is the innate instinct to connect with the rest of the natural world.

The second temporary exhibit is Community Curators. It is held in the lobby of the Science Museum, and it invites numerous community artists, educators and organizers to select items from the museum’s vast collections alongside their own work, and each curator holds conversations about the objects and specifically how they relate to their own cultural community. Another amazing temporary exhibit is Artist at Pine Needle Gallery, where there is a gallery describing the place where art and science intersect.

The final temporary exhibit is Science Superheroes, where one can meet different scientists in the field and learn about their work. Some of these superheroes include Dr. Alex Hastings who discovered a 2500 pound snake from prehistoric South America and Dr. Catherine Early who attempts to understand prehistoric birds through X-ray technology. One of the most popular exhibits that is a personal favorite of mine is the Light Gallery, which plays with distortions and fun effects that someone can experiment in for hours. Ultimately, the Science museum places an importance on the idea of “fun” throughout its numerous exhibits and is amazing for those that are passionate about science or even those that simply wish to have some fun with great variety of things to do there.

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