The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Married couple in different beds from I Love Lucy.

Understanding TV’s Past

Will Rosenblum November 8, 2021

When "I Love Lucy" ran between 1951 and 1957, Lucy and her husband Ricky had to sleep in separate beds, as to avoid some sort of scandal.  The show even feared a cancelation when Lucy had a second child,...

In “Bridgerton” Daphne ends intimate moment with Simon.

“Bridgerton” Oversexualizes Young Female Characters

Cleo Kilpatrick, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

Steamy, escapist, exhilarating, and contentious are only 4 of many words that describe Netflix’s most watched show “Bridgerton”.This show is a period piece with a hint of modernism, known for its...

Teen Dramas Misrepresent High School Experience

Sage Marmet November 8, 2021

What is the typical American teenager? We look toward Archie Andrews from “Riverdale,” Serena Van Der Woodsen from “Gossip Girl,” and Sarah Cameron from “Outer Banks.” Actors in their 20s parade...

Looking Ahead

Sofia Perlman, Opinions Editor October 10, 2021

When she came home, Samatar experienced a huge culture shock after spending so much time abroad. It was something she had never experienced before: "I learned so many different cultures and so many different...

Shang-Chi Leaves Viewers Content With Well-Done Plot, Characters

Shang-Chi Leaves Viewers Content With Well-Done Plot, Characters

Eshaan Ambrose, Contributing Writer September 29, 2021

There are very few movies without mistakes and room for improvement, but Shang-Chi may very well be one of them. Like other “One-off” films such as Antman or Black Panther, this is easy for people...

The @blakestories_ Instagram posts feature a trigger warning slide and a slide detailing stories submitted by students on the anonymous Google Form

Blake Stories Page Raises Awareness

Bernadette Whitely, Opinions Editor May 7, 2021

Sharing their first post on Mar. 22, the anonymous Instagram account @blakestories_ was created as a safe space for members of the Blake community to share their stories of sexual harassment...

The recipe can be found on and the ingredients used in the cup above were 1% milk, Medaglia d’Oro Instant Espresso, Reddi Wip, and Lunds and Byerly’s Decadent Fudge Syrup.

Try Robby Ray’s Infamous Loco Hot Cocoa

Jackie Weyerhaeuser, Editor Emerita February 25, 2021

Loco Hot Cocoa is a drink created in the famed 2000s Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. It is Robby Ray Stewart’s signature hot cocoa recipe. While the drink should probably be described as more of...

Challah bread and apricot jelly were used to make this sandwich, but you can use whatever type you’d like.

B&PJ’s PB&J Offers Delightful Taste

Emily Rotenberg, Student Life Editor February 25, 2021

In the final episode of "Good Luck Charlie," PJ Duncan creates a food truck that sells peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Him and his dad, Bob Duncan name the food truck "B&PJ's PB&J". The show...

Defining American

Defining American

Siena Pradhan, Contributing Writer February 24, 2021

What does it mean to be American? To be living the "American Dream" in what we call the “land of the free and home of the brave?” As kids, we were repeatedly told that America is it; it is the place...

CJ Jones Eckhardt speaks on her new role as college counselor

CJ as New Counselor

Betsy Fries, Creative Director February 24, 2021

As the senior grade dean, senior program coordinator, co-robotics coach, JV softball coach, and now a college counselor, CJ Jones Eckhardt has deeply immersed herself into the community. She states, “I...

French teacher Pachao Yajcherthao shares, “I think it is more stable ... you know exactly what to expect ... [and] the seventy-minute classes are nice because we get a lot done ... but I think that one of consequences [is] that we don’t see each other as much.”

Reactions to HTLP 2.0

January 27, 2021

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